Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1728

Chapter 1728 Kurt Is Ill
Vivian jumped into the courtyard of the police station without making a noise.

Looking up, she saw a faint light coming from a room on the second floor. Swallowing her fears, she climbed up in Kurt’s
wake and found herself in the coroner’s office.

A strong smell of formalin invaded Vivian’s nostrils at her arrival. She was stunned to see the young man transfixed by a
corpse that had undergone an autopsy.

“Isn’t that Jason?”

Vivian’s dark eyes widened as her tiny hands clapped to her mouth.

How did he know that Jason’s body would be here?

Her pupils dilated in horror, and Vivian’s head swam with more questions than answers since leaving the hospital.

However, Kurt barely moved a muscle as he stood over the body. After staring at it quietly for five minutes, he gently touched
its stone-cold face.

Vivian was not sure if she had imagined detecting a trace of sadness in his gesture.
A little later, Kurt returned the corpse to its locker before emerging again.

“Kurt?” Vivian called tentatively. She did not hide from him. Instead, she craned her neck to look at him cautiously under the
cold and dark night sky.

Instead of acknowledging her, Kurt merely stared into the pitch-black distance with a cold menace in his eyes.
Without warning, he jumped out of the window.
Vivian panicked. We’re on the second floor! What about me?

After stomping her feet in silent frustration, she climbed down the building clumsily crawling out from the place he had
disappeared through seconds earlier.

Vivian detected a sprinkle of white powder on the ground where she last saw him.

“It’s a good thing I thought ahead,” she muttered with a triumphant smile. “I knew he wouldnt wait, so I tagged him with a
handful of lime powder from the yard before I came up!”

Following the trail of white powder under the faint moonlight, she dashed off in the direction he went.copy right hot novel

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