Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729 Not Letting Go
Vivian followed Kurt when he decided to move again.

Upon his arrival at the location of the tragedy, Sebastian was horrified to see the number of stretchers bearing the bodies
being brought out by the police.

“We have confirmed that all of the deceased have the mark, Mr. Hayes.”

At his employer’s approach, Karl immediately stopped the two police officers carrying the corpse and lifted the white cloth to
reveal a small tattoo on the back of the corpse’s neck.

Sebastian leaned in for a closer look.

It was the shape of a small blue flame. Hidden at the back of the neck, it would have been easy to miss.
“SO, that’s all of them?”

“Yes, sir,” Karl reported assertively. “One more thing. The marks only appear after they die.”

At the same time, he gestured for one of his men to bring over a stretcher that bore a woman who was on her dying breaths.
Karl tore her collar off to reveal nothing behind her neck.

Sebastian was speechless with astonishment.

That old viper!

He finally understood how they had been able to remain hidden from his relentless search for so many years.
Sebastian found himself wondering how Kurt had accomplished that feat.

As he was still reeling in shock, another piece of news came.

“Kurt’s whereabouts have been discovered, Mr. Hayes. He and Ms.

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