Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1731

Chapter 1731 Yet Another Massacre

Now that he had arrived in Yartran, it should be the start of the second massacre, and this time, it might be larger and more
terrifying than the one in Jadeborough.

Before boarding the plane, Sebastian called his two sons who had already arrived in Yartran and learned that there was a
massacre in the local black market.

“Daddy, there are at least a few thousand people in that black market, but as soon as lan and I got here, we heard the news
that the entire black market was razed to the ground!”

On the phone, Matteo spoke with shock, anger, and fury.

This little scoundrel was even better than him. It took him and his brother two hours to destroy the casino. This guy only
took less than half an hour to wipe the place clean.

It was all done!

Matteo was so upset he fiercely took a bite off an apple.

When Sebastian heard that, immediately his expression became solemn.
“How about now? Where is he?”

“I don’t know, and we can’t follow him. He’s like a ghost, and we don’t know where he’s going next? If he commits a massacre
here, it will be troublesome when it comes to international disputes since it is out of the country.”

Again, Matteo spoke angrily.

Sebastian was silent for a moment.

Finally, he said coldly. “lan, I will send you a password later. Try to track it.”

“Okay,” lan replied.

lan, who had been silent all this while, turned on his computer after replying to his father.

A few minutes later, he received a string of numbers on his computer and clicked on it, thinking that it was some advanced
tracking system. Unexpectedly, the screen suddenly went black and the sound of what seemed to be Sebastian’s breathing
was heard.

“S104, give a response!”
A deep voice, with a commanding tone came out clearly from the computer.

Matteo was so taken aback that he stopped biting his apple.

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