Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1732

Chapter 1732 She Hugs Him And Cries
At this moment in time, Vivian’s whereabouts were unknown.

After she went through the small door, she had been walking forward relying on the light of her mobile phone. She walked for
half an hour without reaching the end. However, the power of her mobile phone was almost empty.

“I should stop using the torchlight, or else the power would be used up and Daddy or Kurt wouldn’t be able to contact me.”

She thought that her sight had already adapted to the secret passage anyway, so she turned off the flashlight, and continued
to move forward.

Fortunately, this time, after about twenty minutes, she seemed to see some light in front of her, and that little light, in this
closed secret passage where she could not see her own fingers stretched out in front of her, was like a life-saver. She ran
forward joyfully.

Sure enough, when she reached the spot, the light became bigger and brighter.

When she finally got to it, she saw that it came through another small door at the end of the tunnel.
Am I outside yet?

When she saw where she was, she nearly stamped her foot in disappointment.

She had thought that she was already outside Exerine Palace.

It slipped her mind that she had been walking in this secret passage for an entire hour and that the time to get to the gate of
the Exerine Palace was much shorter?

Vivian pushed open the door.

As soon as the door was opened, only a creepy hissing sound of some kind of creature was heard. Vivian stood there,
stunned to see a huge pit in front of her.

The pit was packed with poisonous snakes!

The snakes hissed again.

Ah… ah…! Vivian paralyzed on the spot.

She had never seen so many snakes before, and she was so distraught watching this terrifying scene that her knees buckled
and she slipped to the ground with her head covered in her arms.

This is horrifying. How can there be so many snakes in one place?

She sat there, went limp with fear, and was unable to get up on her feet.

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