Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733 His Mind Goes Blank
How did things turn out this way?

He gulped and slowly put the gun down.
“Get down!”

“No! I don’t want to! What took you so long? Take a look at this scary place. There are snakes everywhere. Aren’t you worried
about me? What happens if they bite me, and I die? Boohoo…”

She burst into tears once again.

This time around, she got so upset that she grabbed his collar and used it to wipe her face.
Kurt was at a loss for words.

Finally, her intense emotions hit him hard, and he quivered.

The ferocious murderous intent in his eyes began to calm down a little.

Vivian said, “You didn’t use to be like this. In the past, you would get very worried even if I got a minor cut from peeling fruits.
Now that I have been bitten by snakes, you still chase me away.”

“What did you say? You got bitten?”

Her cries were being abruptly interrupted.

Kurt hugged her, and he did not even realize that his expression had changed. Instead, he looked at her legs.
Vivian was dumbfounded.

In truth, she had no idea if she was really bitten by the snakes.

However, the moment she could sense his concern for her, she raised up her legs immediately.

Anyway, there were several cuts and scrapes on her legs. Even if they were not snake bites, he would still be heartbroken if
he really cared about her.

Unfortunately, she did not expect to see Kurt’s expression change when he laid eyes on her right leg. In an instant, a shocked
look appeared in his eyes.

Vivian was wondering what was going on.
She turned to look in the same direction.
True enough, there were two bite marks.

A few minutes later, Vivian stopped making a fuss and watched in silence as Kurt put her down to attend to her bite marks.
He took out a knife and cut open the bite wounds.

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