Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734 Under The Sun
That was exactly what Matteo did.
He rushed in and blew up the entire underground space that Daphne had built back then.

After that, he followed the secret passage until he arrived at the royal residence and caught both Elizabeth and Colton by

That was the final truth. It was also the best move in Eddie’s entire plan!
Colton was the only male heir of Jared Jadesons at the Ataraxy.
He was already discovered in the same year when Isaac died. However, he was not Jared’s biological son.

After Janice passed away, the truth of Isaac’s identity came to light. He turned out to be the son of Alfred and Felicity. Eddie
pulled a switcheroo, and that was how Isaac ended up in the Sheerwood family.

When Isaac was born, Alfred was thrilled to have a son, but he was also afraid that the Heard family might find out.
Therefore, during Felicity’s confinement period, he took the child away and gave his son to Jared’s wife who had also just
given birth.

Unfortunately, shortly after he sent his son there, Eddie switched the boy and took to the Sheerwood family.
Thereafter, Eddie sent his own son to the Jadesons. Sadly, Jared’s real son had been killed by Eddie a long time ago.
So, he turned out to be the heir of that b*stard!

Seeing the true color of that person, Matteo started trembling in anger. If his daddy did not need him for questioning, Matteo
would have beaten him to a pulp right there and then.

“You are the son of that old b*stard, Eddie? The Jadesons have taken care of you for so many years, and you turned out to
be such a vicious person!” Matteo yelled.

Colton stood up and smiled softly at him as usual. “Matteo, there are many things in life that are out of our control.”
“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing. I just want to let you know that I have been very happy during the past few decades that I have spent with the
Jadesons. Back then, I wasn’t interested in fighting for anything. I would rather lead a normal and honest life with my wife
and children. I wanted to live like a normal person.”

Matteo was speechless.

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