Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735 You Are Really Kinky

When Matteo finally arrived at Cinnabar Harbor with his men, he realized that someone was already there ahead of him.
At that moment, that person held a thin yet sharp weapon of blood-red color in his hand, slaying everyone ruthlessly.

A jet of crimson blood spurted out.

At once, another person fell prey to the man’s sharp weapon and collapsed to the ground.

That scene was exactly the same as when he charged toward everyone at Elysium’s altar back then.

Upon seeing that, Elizabeth, who was retreating toward the port under the protection of her other men, immediately pointed
at Kurt and shrieked, “Kill him! Finish him off!”

In other words, she ordered the men around her to lift their guns and kill Kurt right away.

Consequently, Matteo saw a man beside her whipping out a submachine gun he had never seen before.
Oh yes, wasn’t that old coot, Eddie, fond of doing research on such things before he died?

His eyes promptly went cold. Raising the sniper rifle in his hand, he likewise pulled the trigger.


With a single shot, that man instantly dropped dead.

At that, Elizabeth’s face abruptly drained of all color.

She immediately swung her gaze in the direction of the gunshot. Unfortunately, all that entered her line of vision was the
sight of another bullet whizzing toward her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gunshots rang out successively, making it unquestionable that the shooter must be mowing everyone down like a gust of
wind blowing fallen leaves away.

In no time, everyone at the harbor met their end at Matteo’s rifle, leaving the old lady the sole survivor.

That included the situation on Kurt’s side. After he had also eliminated the last person, he put away the Blood Arrow in his
hand gracefully. Following that, the battle drew to an end for real. That old hag was the only person who remained.copy right
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