Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1736

Chapter 1736 Extreme

“You think that you’re exceptionally smart while your son was terribly stupid. But let me tell you this—if you hadn’t gone to
look for him, he would’ve continued living as part of the Jadeson family. His two children would’ve also lived to adulthood in
this world, got married, and had children. A small tree can’t withstand a great storm, but once it has grown into a gigantic
tree, do you think it still doesn’t stand a chance against the storm?”

Hearing lan’s words, Elizabeth was rendered dumbstruck.
“Also, why didn’t Eddie reveal the fact that Colton was his son? Do you really think that he disdained him?”
That final utterance of lan’s was akin to a bolt of lightning to Elizabeth.

She stared at him blankly. It was also then that she finally realized she had done an extremely foolish thing. Her arrogance
had personally destroyed everything Eddie put in place before his death.

Worse still, she caused her son’s death.

“T-That’s not true! You’re lying!”

She went insane, starting to deny the truth vehemently, refusing to believe whatever lan said.
In fact, even Sebastian at the side glanced at his son in slight surprise upon hearing all that.

How did he suddenly comprehend so much? I didn’t analyze all that with him, nor had I ever seen him so sharp-witted before.
Could it be that it’s because he has really grown up?

In the end, Sebastian had someone drag Elizabeth away.

Upon seeing that, Matteo promptly stepped forward. “Daddy, was lan right? Grandpa Colton actually harbored ill intentions
toward us?”

lt turned out that he was also shocked by his brother’s remarks earlier and couldn’t quite accept it.
Sighing, Sebastian reached out and ruffled his hair.

“No. Although he was smart, I believe that he wanted to be an ordinary person more than anything else. Look, how did he
treat you guys when you were young? Also, when Vivi was bitten by a venomous snake just now, didn’t he give you the
antidote immediately?” he consoled.

Only then did the teenager who had shot up to almost his height nod firmly with red-rimmed eyes. “Yeah, I think so too!”

Matteo was also a mellow teenager in temperament. Perhaps it was because he grew up in an environment filled with
sunshine and love since young, but he would rather believe in the beauty and kindness of this world.

Soon, Matteo escorted Elizabeth away with his men.

lan stood in front of his father with his head lowered, saying nary a word.

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