Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737 The Three Teenagers
Therefore, after lan calmed down, he also realized that there was a problem with his line of thought.

After all, his brother was immediately fearful after listening to his words at that time, and he promptly sought confirmation
from their father.

That had lan feeling extremely distressed.
He didn’t know when he turned into such a fatalistic person.

“lan, you must remember that your thoughts have always been more meticulous than those of your brother’s. As such, that
analysis of yours was entirely normal. Don’t overthink it because many things have two sides to them. There are both the
good and the evil.”

Sitting in the car, Sebastian began discussing that matter with him formally at long last.
Indeed, he had noticed his son’s unusual behavior. That was why he requested the latter to stay and follow him.

In all honesty, lan was very much like him when he was young, exceedingly smart yet awfully sensitive because of his
withdrawn nature.

He must have vented and lashed out at that old hag just now because Colton told him the truth behind Duncan’s death in the
end. He was inflamed and anguished, so he spoke without thinking. However, his spontaneous speech reflected his

That was something he couldn’t ignore when he also grew up with the same personality.
After Sebastian mollified that son of his, he brought him to the resort.

Half an hour later, when the teenager who finally had a smile on his face went to the hot spring with his brother, Matteo,
Sebastian took out his smartphone and phoned Haruto in Jetroina.

“Dr. Shoki, do you mind doing a mental evaluation for my son?”


Having known them for quite some time by then, Haruto’s way of speaking resembled theirs all the more.
“What’s wrong with your son? And which son are you referring to?”

“My elder son. There’s nothing major, but I want to evaluate his mental health. His current profession is rather unique,’
Sebastian fibbed.

lt was then that realization dawned upon Haruto. Subsequently, he sent an email over with an attached jigsaw puzzle,
instructing the man to have his son piece it together so that he could see the finished product.

Just when Sebastian received it, Kurt happened to arrive as well.

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