Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1738

Chapter 1738 Pampering The Son In Law
“A door? He actually pieced together a door?” Haruto exclaimed.
The man showed an exceeding astonished expression on the phone.

Indeed, lan ultimately pieced his puzzle into a door. What was more, it was an exceedingly simple door with just a
rectangular frame. It was bare within.

There was nothing at all, but as Sebastian looked at the picture, he suddenly sensed that the empty space housed a narrow
path with no end in sight.

lt was dark and mysterious, making one feel terribly uncomfortable.
“What does this door represent?”

“It’s pretty bad. I once encountered such a person. In the end, he suffered from severe depression,” Haruto answered

In actuality, the candid interpretation for a puzzle pieced into a door was that it signified two worlds. One was inside the door
while the other was outside. It was clear as day that lan, who had been introverted since young, belonged to the former.

He liked to shut himself up in his own world. If it weren’t for the arrival of his brother and sister later as well as his mother
who loved him, he would have probably closed himself off long ago.

Sasha subsequently exerted tremendous effort before he finally turned out to be a normal child.
Duncan was also a critical point that caused the change in his personality.

After a bit, Sebastian put the pictures away. That night, he gave all three teenagers a reward. Matteo received a yacht he had
long since wanted, equipped with the most advanced equipment.

As for Kurt, Sebastian gifted him a car.

“Now that you’ve recovered, are you planning to stay in Yartran and continue studying here? Vivi will be returning to the initial
Royal Academy. With a car, you don’t have to take the bus anymore if you want to protect her,” he casually explained with a
wine glass in hand when he had someone send the car key over.

All at once, Kurt’s face flushed bright red.

Beside him, Matteo and lan both looked at him with knowing smiles on their faces.

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