Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1740

Chapter 1740 Castle On A Cloud

Vivian spun around to show off her healthy form, Knowing Sasha was worried about her.

“Look, Mommy! I am perfectly fine!” she said.

“Wonderful!” Sasha nodded and shed tears of joy when she saw that her dear daughter was all right.
Next, she turned her attention to Kurt, who was standing next to Vivian.

“Mrs. Hayes…” Kurt was at a loss for words.

“Are you okay? Have you recovered fully? Let me take a look.” Sasha grabbed his hand and placed her fingers on his wrist to
check his pulse. It was a winter evening and those fingers that were touching his wrist were cold, but her genuine concern
and love warmed his heart. He obediently stood still as she examined him.

lan and Matteo got off the plane and saw their mother attending to Kurt with much love and tenderness. They couldn’t help
but feel a little jealous.

Matteo grumbled, “lan, do you think Mommy will only have eyes for her son-in-law from now on?”
lan did not bother to entertain his brother’s silly question.

Matteo started singing in a sorrowful voice. “There is a castle on a cloud, I-”

Before he could finish the first verse, a hard knock landed on his head and he jumped in pain.
“Daddy!” he protested.

“Stop your nonsense! Quit fooling around and get moving. It is New Year’s Eve tomorrow, so we have to get started on the
preparations. Do you want your mommy to do all the work by herself?” he chided.

Being a loving husband, he wanted Sasha to get a good break and enjoy the festive season. To lighten Sasha’s load, he had
already made a list of chores for his boys to do.

Matteo and lan tumed to look at their sister, who was being ushered into the car like a princess. Even her “personal
bodyguard” was given preferential treatment. They couldn’t help but let out a big sigh, resigned to their fate of being the
“unfavoured” ones.

On New Year’s Eve, everyone at Oceanic Estate chipped in to help out in the preparations.

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