Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1742

Chapter 1742 Magnanimous

At that crucial moment, a man stormed into The Ataraxy. When he heard the foul language Jared was using, his big eyes
bulged in anger. Picking a stone from the ground, he threw it at Jared.

Thud! The stone hit Jared’s foul mouth spot on!
‘Ouch!” Jared screamed in pain.

“I should have ripped that foul mouth off your face years back! It was a mistake to keep you alive. Do you have a death wish
now? If you do, I can oblige and make your wish come true!”

lt was Jonathan who had rushed to Sigrith’s rescue. Not satisfied with the injuries he caused Jared, he started scolding him

Jared was lucky that Jonathan had mellowed with age. If he still had the quick temper of his youthful days, he would have
drawn his gun and used it on Jared.

Jared was bleeding profusely and in great pain. Covering his bleeding mouth with his hands, he stopped his swearing and
timidly stood there, quiet as a mouse.

Jonathan glared at him sternly until he lowered his eyes and cowered in fear.

Turning his attention to Sigrith and her kids, he said, “Forget the nonsense he sprouted. Get up and come with me to Oceanic

“Uncle Jonathan…” Sigrith could not hold in her grief anymore and fell slumped on the ground, sobbing.
Timothy and Susan stood next to Sigrith, staring gratefully at Jonathan. Their tears were flowing uncontrollably too.

Among the Jadesons, they had always respected Jonathan the most. He was the head of the family and although he had a
fiery temper, he was fair and reasonable.

Jonathan brought Sigrith, Susan, and Timothy back to Oceanic Estate with him.

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