Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743 A New Life

Sigrith was aware of the current situation. As Jonathan came in after Sigrith finished bandaging her wound, she kneeled
before him.

“What are you doing?”
Jonathan was shocked and quickly asked Sigrith to get up.
Nonetheless, Sigrith, who looked teary-eyed again, shook her head in response.

“Uncle Jonathan, we… didn’t know that Colton… isn’t a member of the Jadesons. He never told us about it. Besides, I’ve never
done anything wrong ever since I became part of the Jadesons. Can you please let go of my two children?” Sigrith begged
as she knelt on the floor.

lt turned out that Sigrith was worried her two children would be in trouble because of their father’s deed. She was willing to
let go of her dignity and life for her children’s safety.

Since her children’s grandfather was a rebel, Sigrith understood that no one would let go of them even if they moved out and
lived elsewhere.

The next moment, Sigrith was taken by surprise because Jonathan answered without hesitation, “Nonsense! Why do I have
to let go of the two kids? I mean, they didn’t do anything wrong! Moreover, even your husband Colton was forced to do it.”

“What did you say? Did someone force him to do it?”
Sigrith looked up at Jonathan in shock.
Am I hearing things?

“Yes, Eddie forced himself on Elizabeth back then. Just imagine who would willingly give birth to a raper’s child? Since the
Jadesons and the Limmers were rivals, she deliberately wanted the Jadesons to accept the kid to take revenge against
Eddie. Besides, she refused to let Eddie know he has a son.”

As Jonathan explained slowly, Sigrith couldn’t tell if he was lying and was overwhelmed with shock.

Staring at Jonathan, Sigrith thought she had found a glimmer of hope amid despair. After a while, she shivered in

“Uncle Jonathan, are you serious?”

“Of course.

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