Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1744

Chapter 1744 All Geniuses Have Weaknesses

Susan regained her senses and asked curiously, “Are you intending to further your studies at my school? Aren’t you based at
the research laboratory?”

Everyone in the Jadeson family knew that lan’s genius was spotted by the research institute at a very young age and he was
sent there to study.

As a result, Susan and her brother were extremely envious of him and lamented the fact that they just weren’t as gifted as he

But now, he’s telling me that he wants to study at my school?
Susan stared at him.

All she saw was her question causing him to avert his gaze by lowering his head. Pursing his lips, lan replied, “Daddy wants
me to help Uncle Solomon out.”

“Uncle Solomon?”

“Mmm-hmm. At Hayes Corporation. Since Aunt Ichika is giving birth soon, he will be extremely busy.”

lan usually didn’t have much to say. But since he needed his aunt’s help, he made an effort to explain in detail.
As a result, Susan finally understood the situation.

This is indeed how life is. lan isn’t just born smart but also comes from an exceptional family. As if that wasn’t enough, his
family owns the largest conglomerate in the country.

Susan let out a sigh. “You can definitely come. However, our school’s faculty of finance isn’t that good. Hence, I’m afraid that
your father won’t agree.”

lan replied, “It’ll be fine, as I’ll study it on my own.’
Susan was momentarily speechless before finally agreeing to it.
That evening, Sebastian and Sasha received the request.

“Yariel, while lan and I were playing with fireworks, he told me that he wanted to go to my university.

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