Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1745

Chapter 1745 Prayer
By the time they awoke, it was already the new year.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Early in the morning, fireworks were set off at the heavily decorated Oceanic Estate. The loud explosions that ensued broke
the silence of the castle gardens, waking up many who were still sleeping inside.

Sabrina demanded, “Who’s setting off fireworks so early in the morning? Is it that little rascal, Jaena?”

Devin answered, “It’s definitely not her. She slept at midnight after helping you do your nails. There’s no way she would wake
up so early just to play with fireworks.”

With her face red in anger, Sabrina cursed, “Damn it.”

But in the end, she fell back to sleep in Devin’s arms with the thought of giving her daughter a huge present when she woke

The next moment, it was Sebastian and Sasha’s tum to wake up, for they had always been light sleepers.
Sasha asked, “Is it Vivi?”

Sebastian grunted, “Mmm-hmm.”

The same thought flashed across both their minds, as Vivian was indeed the naughtiest among their children.

When she realized that it was Vivian who was setting off the fireworks, she didn’t rush out to check if the latter was wearing
a thick jacket anymore. Instead, she continued to close her eyes in Sebastian’s embrace.

After all, there was no need for both of them to worry about Vivian anymore.
“Why aren’t they waking up?”

With the sky still dark, Vivian wondered why no one in Oceanic Estate had woken up despite her having finished setting off
all the fireworks.

Standing in the garden, she puffed her cheeks in exasperation while holding the lighter in her hand.

When Kurt, who was setting up the firework rockets on the ground, saw that she had stopped, he picked up the down jacket
left at the side and draped it over her shoulders.

“Kurt, can I ask you something?”

“Why haven’t they woken up yet? On new year’s day in Jadeborough, there’s a competition to see who is the earliest to set off
fireworks. Therefore, I woke up especially early today just so that I can beat everyone. However, there’s no reaction from
them at all,” Vivian fumed as her anger intensified.

Kurt was equally amused as he was angry.
Is she being foolish? Given that she had woken up early to set off the fireworks, what’s the point in the others doing so?
Obviously, there was no way he could say that.

After putting on her furry hat for her and making sure that he had wrapped her snugly, Kurt suggested, “Since they’re still
asleep, shall we go to someplace fun?”

“Huh?” Vivian’s dreamy eyes sparkled.
“Where are we going?”

“I heard that many are heading to the Warlock Church today to offer their first prayers for the new year. Shall we do the same
and pray for your parents’ health?”

As he gave her a gentle look, her beautiful and glistening eyes filled his heart with an overwhelming sense of bliss.
Also, I would like to pray that you continue to stay safe.

When both of them finally set off amidst the gloomy morning, they could hear the incessant sound of firework

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