Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1746

Chapter 1746 Who Is Pregnant With Twins
Kurt was dumbstruck.
Tell her that I’m fine?

Suddenly, he could feel something ravage his heart. It was as if the excruciating pain that he had hidden all this while had
been released.

At that moment, his emotions overwhelmed him from all sides just like an avalanche. Unable to get a grip of himself in time,
he felt his knees buckle as his body began to swoon.

“Kurt? Kurt?”
Vivian rushed to his side to support him.
In truth, she felt as if Kurt was behaving strangely over the last few days.

When he finally awoke in Yartran and returned to the country, he never brought up his mom or what happened to his family.
In fact, his father, Roppell, was still around when he came back, but all he did was get the former to leave.

From then on, he never talked about the matter until that very moment.

When Vivian saw that his face had lost all color and that he was trembling mindlessly, she was seized with fear. All she
could do then was hug him tightly and call out his name again and again.

Meanwhile, the vendor, who was taken aback, quickly rushed out of his stall.
“Kid, don’t be sad. What I meant was that… you’re fine. That’s what your mom wants to see. Therefore, it’s a good thing.”
Finally, Kurt looked up with a pale face and slightly trembling lips. In a raspy voice, he asked, “A good… thing?”

The vendor nodded. “Of course. Every parent in this world wishes to see their own children safe and sound. In fact, they are
willing to sacrifice everything just for its sake.

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