Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1748

Chapter 1748 Do You Regret It

“Of course I do. Who doesn’t have any regrets in their lives?”
“Is that so?”

Tillie blinked upon hearing Sasha’s answer.

Sasha nodded. “Yes. However, there’s no cure for regrets. Therefore, I have to correct myself so that I don’t repeat the same
mistakes the next time.”

Tillie was stunned.
“The next time?” She thought that she had heard wrongly.

Do I still have one more chance? Given that I do not have much time left, that would be a luxury for me. If I truly get that
opportunity, it would be in my next life.

Tillie squirmed the corner of her lips.

Finally, she got up from her chair obediently. When she followed Sasha back indoors, a vibrant smile had returned to her

“Mrs. Jadeson, I noticed that your three children have grown up a lot. Vivi in particular looks very different now.”

Upon hearing Tillie change the subject, Sasha followed suit and didn’t continue with their earlier topic.
“Nevertheless, it’s all thanks to Riley. She had taken good care of the children when they were in Yorksland.”
“No thanks are needed. She’s obligated to do so anyway.”

The moment they discussed the matter, color began to return to Tillie’s ashen face.

After all, Riley was the only person in the Cooper family to bring her cheer.

“By the way Mrs.

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