Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1752

Chapter 1752 Tillie Has Gone Missing

In the end, Riley did not make it to the matchmaking session because she was busy looking for her sister in law, and her
brother, who was a good-for-nothing.

Yet, after searching high and low for a day, she still had no clue of their whereabouts.

When Riley reached home and saw her mother and sisters munching on sunflower seeds while watching a television
program, she exploded in rage.

“Mom, why are you not looking for them? It’s New Year, yet they’re still not home. Are you not worried?”
Violet crossed her legs and responded nonchalantly, “What for? You should know that Edmund doesn’t like staying home.”
Her response left Riley speechless.

Violet continued, “And don’t you dare mention Tillie again. Where was she when mom and I were busy entertaining all the
guests who visited us today? She should have stayed home and done her part. Why should I go and look for her?”

Gabrielle echoed, “That’s right!”
The mother-daughter duo kept painting Tillie in a bad light.

A vortex of anger swirled inside Riley, and she exploded. “Get the hell out of here and look for them right now! If you can’t
find them by the end of the day, don’t even think of stepping into the house! Go!”

Riley was enraged. She picked up a broom and started chasing them out of the house.
Unlike Tillie, Riley was like a boss in the Cooper family. No one would dare to go against her when she was throwing a fit.

Violet reluctantly got off the couch and ran toward the living hall. “Riley, are you crazy? Why are you taking it out on me just
because they went missing?”

“That’s the only way to get your *ss out of the house! Tillie must have pampered you when I wasn’t around in the last two
years. From now on, I’ll not allow you to sit here and do nothing!”

Riley picked up a ceramic plate and smashed it at Violet, who talked back at her.
Violet and Gabriella had no choice but to leave the house to look for Edward and Tillie.
Alice, who was carrying a child in her arms, was stunned to see how furious Riley was. “Riley…”

“Shush! And you. You’re also one of a Kind. Why do you always come back to the Cooper residence when you’re married?
The Coopers are supposed to take care of you and your kid, huh?” Riley stared at her sister and reprimanded.

Alice was also another problematic person in the family. Though she had married into another family, she was still the same
old lazy woman, and no one could stand her.

Even her mother-in-law could not get along with her.

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