Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753 He Panicked
When Edmund returned to the Cooper residence, he thought everyone would be fast asleep.

He did not expect the lights of the living room to still be on when he entered the building. As he finally stepped foot into the
living room, he was immediately greeted by his sister’s silhouette.


“You finally decided to come home?” Without giving him a chance to speak, Riley stood up slowly from the couch she had
sat on as she waited the entire day for Edmund’s return.

An ashen expression was etched on her face while her eyes were filled with a foreign look of disappointment, wrath, and

Edmund froze.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that he had never seen her with that expression, a sense of guilt rose to his chest.
“Why do you want to see me?” he asked.

“Why? Why? You still have the audacity to ask me why?”

Riley was livid. In a swift motion, she picked up the pieces of paper from the coffee table in front of her and threw them in
front of Edmund.

“Edmund, I really can’t believe anyone could be so cruel. At the end of the day, Tillie lives under your roof. Did you not notice
anything at all? Have you no clue? Even if you only have a cat or a dog as a pet, you’d know if they have fallen sick or gone
missing, wouldn’t you?”

Keeping her gaze on Edmund, Riley interrogated, emphasizing each word she spat.
Edmund was rendered speechless.
lt was then did he finally realize something was amiss.

Picking up the papers in front of him, Edmund quickly lowered his head and started reading. To his horror, the first phrase
that flashed across his vision was “Stage 4 Liver Cancer” on the report heading.

Who has stage 4 liver cancer?
All of a sudden, his mind became fuzzy. He was so shocked that he did not even pay attention to the name on the report.

Riley spoke up once again, “Do you see now? It’s already in the final stage. All these years, if you had been nicer to her so she
could have had a better time in this household, she might not fall sick in the first place. Tell me, Edmund. How long do you
think she had suffered silently for?”

Silence filled the living room.

For a long while, Edmund stayed rooted in his spot, neither moving nor speaking.

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