Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1754

Chapter 1754 Perks Of Being A Coy Woman
Adding pressure onto the accelerator, Edmund sped to the airport.

With the new clue on his fingertips, finding the Zanders should be a breeze. Not to mention that Edmund already had friends
from Moranta. The next afternoon after Tillie had gone missing, Edmund managed to find Tillie in a hospital in Moranta.

“Ms. Zander, why are you only sending your father for treatment now? His condition is grave. Even after the surgery, there is
no guarantee that he will recover.”

Edmund found Tillie standing in a hallway, talking to a doctor in a white coat. After the doctor revealed the diagnostic results,
Tillie paled as her body began to sway.

If it weren’t for the fact that the doctor caught her in time, Tillie would have fallen head first onto the ground.
Edmund clenched his fists slightly.

Out of concern, the doctor asked Tillie if she was alright and helped her to a nearby bench. Seeing how easy it was for the
doctor to carry Tillie to the bench, only then did Edmund notice how terribly skinny she had become.

It was as if a gust of strong wind could carry her away.
“Would you like me to help you back into the room so you can lie down, Ms. Zander?”
“It’s alright. I’d like to sit here for a while. Thank you, doctor.”

Tillie answered absentmindedly, as though her soul had been sucked out of her body. Her cheekbones were prominent as
the color drained from her skinny face.

Were there any words that could describe how she felt at that moment?
Truthfully, there were none.

As despair filled her chest, Tillie felt each painful crack as her heart broke into a million pieces. Only one thing remained in
her mind: guilt.

If there was a way to turn back time, she would not make the same choices she did.

She would have spent more time with her parents and would have made sure that they did not worry too much about her.
She was their only daughter. Surely they had raised her as if she was more precious than any treasure in the world.

Yet what had she done for them in return?

Tillie was utterly devastated. She sat on the bench mechanically.

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