Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1755

Chapter 1755 Women Are Easy To Please
In the end, Tillie agreed.

Edmund began to take charge of Mr. Zander’s treatment plan. However, the results he obtained from the doctor were far
worse than he had expected.

“Mr. Cooper, the patient’s condition is not looking very pleasant. He has colorectal cancer. What we can do now is to let him
undergo surgery to remove the tumor, but there is no guarantee that the cancer will not return.”

Cancer again?
As Edmund heard the word, the images of the medical report Riley had handed him flashed across his mind.
All of a sudden, his heart felt even heavier.

After he had gotten married, Edmund had lived in a frolicking manner. The thought that someone was suffering all this while
did not even cross his mind.


Edmund did not make a decision right there and then. Instead, after hearing what the doctor said, he went out of the doctor’s

All the while, Tillie had been staying by his side. Upon seeing that he left without a word, anxiety rose to her chest. “What’s
going on? Why aren’t you agreeing to Dad’s surgery?”

“It’s not that,” answered Edmund. “I just want to ask my friends if there are any other better hospitals. Right now, our priority
is to make sure that nothing happens to Dad”

Edmund turned around to look Tillie straight in the eyes when he answered. That was the first time he ever answered her
question seriously.

The moment he finished explaining, it did not escape his notice that Tillie was taken aback. Her calm expression a moment
ago began to slip away as her eyes reddened once again.

With tears brimming in her eyes, Tillie ultimately agreed.

It took Edmund almost no time at all to connect with a friend. As he had expected, his friend had managed to connect him
with a better doctor and hospital.

At the news, Tillie’s entire family erupted with excitement.

“Eddy, thank you so much for helping out. If not, Tillie and I would not know what we should do.” Happy tears streamed down
Mrs. Zander’s face at the great news.

Edmund, on the other hand, could not help but feel guilty and embarrassed.

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