Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756 Return

“Say, Sasha. Both these kids have the Hayeses blood. How could such a d*mned thing give rise to such a good kid?” asked
Sabrina, panting from chasing Jeffery.

Sasha did not respond.

Instead, with sweat still dripping from her forehead, Sasha picked up the poor child who had been sitting quietly in hunger all
that while.

Well, with your gene, I’m surprised you had hopes of having a good kid. Sasha thought to herself.
Yoel’s obedient manner was probably inherited from Solomon.
Sasha then brought Yoel to Frontier Bay.

“Sebby, the school holiday is almost over. Should we go back to Jadeborough? Vivi and Matt are starting school soon, and
there are a lot of things to take care of at home.”

“Mm-hmm, but I plan to take lan to the company for the next two days.”

Sebastian, who was reading by himself, casually revealed his plans for the coming two days.
To the company?

Sasha placed Yoel down on the floor before walking up to Sebastian.

“Didn’t you say we’re allowing him to further his studies and get to Know more people? Why are you sending him to the
company now?” Sasha inquired.

“Because after I’ve come back here, I have evaluated the business of Hayes Corporation. Although the company is still
eaming profits, the overall performance is improving very slowly. Solomon might have been a great lawyer, but when it
comes to business, he lacks the talent.”

Sebastian did not hesitate to put Solomon down.

However, it was true that Hayes Corporation had only been going steady for the past few years. It lacked the rapid
development when it was under Sebastian’s lead. If this were to continue, Hayes Corporation would be replaced sooner or

Once she had understood the situation, Sasha dropped the subject.
The next day, lan was brought by Sebastian to the company upon waking up.
“Did you hear? Mr. Hayes is coming to the office today!”

The staff had long gotten the news that their ex-President would be visiting them that day. Everyone from Hayes Corporation
was ecstatic and had all clocked in earlier than usual.

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