Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1757

Chapter 1757 Stepped Out Of A Fairytale
However, Sebastian pretended to be oblivious.
After the meeting ended, he personally led lan back to Solomon’s office and entrusted him to Luke.

Sebastian replied, “Okay, but there’s no need to go out of the way for him. He’s here to learn and gain experience, so proceed
according to the usual policies as you would for any other employee.”

lan did not say anything, feeling an inexplicable sense of nervousness after hearing Sebastian’s instructions.

Hence, lan officially joined Hayes Corporation that day. And as expected from his first day of work in a professional setting,
he was clearly not used to it.

Based on Luke’s feedback Sebastian received after returning home from work, lan had spent the entire day at the operations
department without taking the initiative to speak to anyone. He merely did as he was told and gave a brief reply when
spoken to.

Sasha’s heart was filled with distress when she heard about it, and she asked worriedly, “What are we going to do about it?”

On the contrary, Sebastian did not seem perturbed by the news. He sat at his desk and looked through some reports Luke
had sent him while saying reassuringly, “You don’t have to be so worried. He just returned from the base, so, naturally, it’d
take some time for him to get acclimatized to working in such an environment. He’ll get used to it after a while.”

“But if he doesn’t get along with the others in the office, won’t it make him even more averse to such an environment?” Sasha
responded, voicing her concems.

However, she fails to realize that lan is no longer the little boy she wanted to protect back then. At that time, he was young
and needed his mother’s protection to shield him. But now, lan is about to turn eighteen next year. He’s all grown up. Hence,
he’s practically an adult and must learn to be independent. As parents, we won’t always be there to protect him. Besides, a
little hardship would be beneficial in his current situation.

With that thought in mind, Sebastian paid no heed to lan. As for the latter, he was just as headstrong as Sebastian. Despite
the grueling day he had had at work, lan did not utter a single word of complaint to Sebastian when he returned home that

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