Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1759

Chapter 1759 He Could Ignore Everyone

The base is classified as one of the country’s top secrets, so there’s no way I can reveal anything. I’m also sure Dad didn’t
explain the actual situation to the lecturers when he decided to let me enroll here.

Meanwhile, realization dawned on Jacques after hearing lan’s response.

I see. He has been studying on his own. No wonder the lecturer asked me to take good care of this new student, worrying
that he wouldn’t have a good grasp of the basics and would fall behind in class.

Subsequently, Jacques became even more welcoming toward lan. He even asked one of the Faculty of Finance’s top
students to help guide lan.

He led a girl over to lan, then said as he gestured toward her, “lan, this is Yasmin Snow. She’s one of our faculty’s top
students. Seeing that you’ve just enrolled, I think it’d be a good idea to have her guide you for the time being.”

Yasmin Snow?
lan cast her a nonchalant glance.

She’s rather beautiful. However, she seems just as cold and aloof as me. Even though Yasmin stood before lan, she merely
looked at him with an impassive expression and nodded curtly without saying anything.

Since she was so cold toward him, it was even more unlikely that lan would attempt to converse with her.

They entered the lecture hall together, but despite sitting next to each other, they did not interact at all throughout the entire
duration of the class. It was only toward the end of the class that she cast a sidelong glance at him.

Neither of them said a word…
He has been fixing his eyes on the lecturer the whole time, never seeming to turn his attention elsewhere.

She had also noticed a slight frown marring his handsome features from time to time, and she guessed it was because he
had not understood something the lecturer had said. Nonetheless, he made no move to ask Yasmin anything. Instead, he
picked up his pen and quickly jotted down notes in his new notebook.

She watched as his pen moved purposefully across the page with a flourish, and his handwriting was as beautiful as his

Yasmin quietly withdrew her gaze. Five minutes before class ended, she finally broke the silence.

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