Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760 Rage
“lan, you’re here for lunch too? What a coincidence! Can I sit with you?”

lan continued with his lunch without uttering a single word. However, his gazes grew dark, a clear tell-tale that fury was
surging within the boy, and he was nearly about to explode in anger.

Fortunately, Susan was around. Upon seeing Zaylynn’’s abrupt appearance, the former hurriedly spoke before the young man
lost his temper. “You’re lan’s classmate? Of course, you can. Come on, take a seat beside me.”

She then quickly gestured Zaylynn to the empty spot and ordered some more food for her.

After all, lan would never allow strangers to sit beside him, and neither would he let anyone touch his food. That was why
even Susan had to have her own plate of food.

Luckily, with those arrangements, she successfully suppressed lan’s burning rage, at least for the time being.
At this point, Zaylynn seemed a little stunned.

This girl… Why is she…

“What is it? Do you not like it?”

“N-No… I just thought you two seem to know each other. Isn’t today his first day here in our school? You…” Zaylynn eventually
asked after some hesitation.

“Me? Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m his aunt. It’s his first day in school. I was afraid he wouldn’t get used to it, so I decided to
accompany him for lunch.” Susan let out a chuckle before explaining.

Since they were both females, it was no doubt she could tell the girl’s intention after seeing her expression.

She had always known that her nephew was an exceptionally outstanding boy; therefore, it was more than normal that he
would attract the opposite gender. Besides, Sebastian had also told her the purpose for sending lan to the university was to
make sure he could blend into society better.

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