Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1761

Chapter 1761 Everyone Hates An Outstanding Person
Yasmin had never felt so embarrassed before.

With lan’s unrelenting reprimands, topped off with the astonished looks of the crowd in the library, all she wanted to do at the
moment was to find a hole to crawl and hide.

I only took a glance at his laptop. Is there a need for him to have such a reaction?
She grew frustrated.

“I didn’t touch your laptop. It’s just that someone gave you a video call, and it’s affecting the other students here. That’s why I
wanted to turn it off for you.”

“You could’ve just shut the laptop!” lan, whose rage was still buming, retorted.
At once, the library fell into a deafening silence.

Yeah, that’s true. She could’ve just shut the laptop if it was noisy. Why fiddle with something that doesn’t belong to her? Is
that girl dumb? Or is she trying to invade his privacy?

The crowd threw their stares toward Yasmin again.
Her face turned scarlet as anger consumed her.

Without uttering another word, she clenched her fists tightly as she glared at lan, then returned to her desk, packed her stuff,
and hurried out of the library.

Very well. Remember what you did, lan!

Nonetheless, lan could not care less about how the situation had turned out.

That afternoon, after finding some finance-related books, he accepted a project by the Hayes Corporation on his laptop.
Coincidentally, or perhaps not, that project was in the same city.

Caleb: Mr. lan, According to observations, developments are still possible for that building. So, other than clinching the deal,
you have to think about its development plans. Is there any problem for you?

lan: It’s fine.

He merely responded with two words as he stared intently at the map of the commercial district surrounding the building
that Caleb had sent over.

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