Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1762

Chapter 1762 He Is Poor
All of a sudden, someone within that group mentioned lan again.

And with that, a commotion broke out within the class, asking for their professor to show more “care and concern’ for the
hew student.

The teacher had no choice but to turn to lan.
“Then… lan, do you understand this question?”

Within seconds, everyone averted their gazes on him. A contemptuous expression was apparent on their faces, an obvious
sign that they were all waiting to watch a show.

Indeed. They were waiting to watch lan make a fool out of himself.

Other than his words and actions that seemed out of the normal, the fact that the gorgeous beauties of their faculty
—Zaylynn and Yasmin—had all got close to him after his arrival naturally made them feel even more uncomfortable about it.

“Sir, lan—”
“I understand.”

Little did anyone expect that even before Zaylynn could finish her words, lan cut her off and nodded his head as he stared
expressionlessly at the professor standing right in front.

The professor put on a satisfied smile. “That’s great. Then—”

“Sir, how about we get lan to demonstrate? We’re still a little confused about it, to be very honest. By getting lan up, you can
point out and clarify the mistakes he makes.”

That put the professor in a tight spot.

While he was still in a dilemma, lan stood up and walked to the front. His black eyes remained blank and glacial, and his
statuesque face still carried his usual nonchalance.

Arriving at the podium, he uttered, “Give me the chalk.”

“O-Oh, sure.” The professor apparently had yet to pick up what was going on but went ahead to pass him the chalk. Under
the crowd’s bewildered gazes, lan began penning down notes on the blackboard as he elaborated.

It had taken him two minutes.

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