Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1764

Chapter 1764 lan Saw Right Through It
Being a medical practitioner, Sasha had taught them a lot about first aid throughout the years.
As such, lan was able to get his wound treated fairly quickly all by himself.

Yvonne, who had been waiting for him outside, asked worriedly when she saw him come out of the room at last, “Mr. lan, are
you sure you don’t need to get this treated at a hospital?”

“That won’t be necessary. Now, let’s get down to business,” lan replied as he sat down at the table with his laptop.

The employees that came over to help him out Knew better than to say anything further as they joined him at the table.
“Mr. lan, what happened is—”

lan, who was still staring at his laptop, cut her off by saying, “You can drop the formalities. From here on, just call me ‘lan.”
The employees froze in surprise for a brief moment before smiling again.

“Right, of course. Let us get down to business, then. We’ve conducted a field study on this project two days ago. We spoke to
the person in charge as well, but he raised the price the moment he found out that we’re from Hayes Corporation.”

“How much?” lan asked coldly without even looking away from his laptop.
Yvonne held up two fingers as she replied, “He’s asking for an additional twenty million on top of the original price.”
Twenty million? Heh…

lan had an icy-cold look in his eyes as he said, “In that case, let him continue to try and sell it. See if he can find another
buyer willing to pay that much for it.”

Yvonne fell speechless upon hearing that.

Another employee from the operational department protested anxiously, “That building is located in a very strategic spot!
Someone else will snag it if we don’t make our move in time!”

“Why are you being so desperate? They’re raising the price ridiculously high precisely because they saw your desperation.
Given Hayes Corporation’s reputation, no one would dare compete with us if you put word out about this. Besides, if the
location really is that great, our company is perfectly capable of setting up another commercial district next to it.copy right
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