Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1766

Chapter 1766 Women Are Easily Satisfied

“Riley, did you ask the doctor about her condition when you looked it up at the hospital the other day? What did the doctor

“I did. The doctor told me that her cancer has reached the late stage.”

Riley’s mood worsened even more when she said that.

Late stage, huh… Despite how advanced technology is these days, liver cancer is usually fatal by the time it is detected…
Sasha didn’t Know what to say all of a sudden.

Regardless, she still wanted to try and treat Tillie as she didn’t want her to die like this after hanging on for five long years.

Having made up her mind, Sasha sent her a text that day: Tillie, I’ve heard about your condition. Since I practice TCM, I would
like to ask if you’re interested in trying out acupuncture.

After about four to five minutes of waiting, Sasha saw Tillie start to type a message in response, but she didn’t receive

Little did she know, Tillie was undergoing an overwhelming surge of emotions and mixed feelings at the time.

It felt like she had found a ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel, and she felt like her dead heart had come back to life all of
a sudden.

lt was such a complex feeling that she couldn’t describe it at all, and she was trembling all over as she eventually replied:
What do you mean?

Sasha: You know how the hospital said my husband was beyond treatment back then? Well, I managed to save him in the
end. So, I thought maybe you could give it a shot as well.

Tillie: …

Sasha: By the way, I’ve noticed something off about your condition long ago. Riley only looked up your medical record
because I told her about it. Unlike modern medicine, TCM relies on careful observation and monitoring of your physical
signs. Given the current stage you’re at, why not let me have a shot at treating you?

Fearing that Tillie would refuse her offer, Sasha even went as far as mentioning that she was the one who first noticed Tillie’s

Tillie was so overjoyed when she read Sasha’s message that she fell to her knees and burst out crying on the spot.

To finally stumble upon a glimmer of hope after wandering about in despair for so long was a truly indescribable feeling for

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