Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1767

Chapter 1767 Live A Nice Life
Tillie didn’t say anything further and eventually fell asleep on the flight.
lt was already evening by the time they landed in Jadeborough.

Riley had been waiting there for them quite a while ago. She quickly ran forward to greet them the moment she saw them
get off the plane.

“Are you all right, Tillie? How is Mr. Zander?”

Riley was the main reason the Coopers were able to find out about Tillie’s condition and convince Edmund to go look for her

Because of that, Edmund was incredibly grateful toward her.
“He’s fine. All we have to do is get him to a hospital.”

“No problem. I’ve already contacted the hospital and made the arrangements for his ward, so we can bring him over right
away!” Riley replied while helping her with the suitcases.

Tillie felt touched when she saw how well everything was taken care of.
“Thank you, Riley! Thank you so much!”

“Come on, there’s no need to thank me! We’re family, remember?’ Riley said with a smile as she had someone send Tillie’s
father to the hospital.

The housemaid at the Cooper residence had already prepared dinner by the time they got home. Although Gabriella was still
around, Alice and Violet were nowhere to be found.

The Cooper residence looked so clean and tidy that Tillie’s eyes lit up with joy when she glanced around her.
After dinner, Riley waited for Tillie to take a shower before dragging Edmund into her room.

“Edmund, now that Mrs. Jadeson has agreed to treat Tillie, you need to be more caring toward her and try to help out at
home. No more fooling around outside all the time, got it?” she lectured him.

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