Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1769

Chapter 1769 lan Is Mine
“What should we do then? If he catches wind of this, we’re dead.”

“Why are you getting all jittery? Have we done anything wrong? We just added a few detailed transactions to each category,
so the company’s spending looked more comprehensive. What is there to worry about?”

The shareholder was stunned at Winston’s swift change as he didn’t expect Winston to switch his narrative so quickly.
Is that all? But, the amount lining our pockets all these years…

“Calm down. Let’s not lose our heads when nothing has even happened yet. Even if worse comes to worst, we still have
James holding the fort,” Winston assured.

James was Peter’s son.

In recent years, Peter had been slowly retiring from his post due to his increasing age and had transferred the position to his

The shareholder was relieved at Winston’s assurance.

“You’re right. What you said made sense, Winston. Then, what about the case that the operational department passed to
lan? Yvonne sent me a message yesterday, saying that even though the brat might seem young, but he’s smart. He saw right
through our plans.”

The shareholder’s tone began to drip with frustration as he recalled lan’s attitude.
lan’s interference had cost them twenty million in losses.

Winston replied, “That’s enough. Let’s not mull over this matter any longer at such a crucial period. That’s just a minuscule
amount. Just think of how much we would earn after he leaves?”

“You mean they’ll invest more?”
The shareholder was ecstatic at the news.
Shareholders like him had always accumulated their wealth with undernhanded means over the years.

However, Solomon was smart. He would assign someone he trusted to observe the entire project, from purchasing to
development. The only way they could make some profit was to target the purchasing process before it was

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