Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1770

Chapter 1770 Get Closer
In the end, Yasmin turned her bicycle around and left.
Zaylynn was over the moon at Yasmin’s retreat. She ran after the two boys with bouncy steps.

“Let’s not eat the cafeteria food. I’ve already asked the cook to prepare something for us separately. Wait here for me. I’ll run
over there real quick to retrieve the food.”

She saw lan had already sat down at an empty table with Jacques soon as she entered the cafeteria, so she quickly stopped
them from buying anything.

Jacques flashed her a knowing smile. “How nice of you. I’m in luck then.”
As her senior, he was aware of her intentions from the start.

Soon, Zaylynn led the cook over with several dishes in her hands. There were pork knuckles, baked fish, and a pot of
steaming chicken soup.

Those dishes were fantastic compared to the ordinary cafeteria food.

Jacques drooled a little at the feast in front of him.

After serving all the dishes on lan’s table, she noticed the cold, handsome boy didn’t even spare the food a glance.
With his head lowered, he was focusing on his phone.

“Have some, lan. Let’s eat first. You can use your phone later.”

“She got a point. lan, let’s dig in. The food won’t taste nice once they’re cold,” Jacques urged.

However, lan merely cast a disinterested glance at the dishes and said, “No thanks. My aunt will be coming over later.”
Both Jacques and Zaylynn were speechless at his cold response.

They fell into an awkward silence after lan’s rejection. For a whole minute, they merely sat there in silent, thinking about how
to continue or start a new conversation.

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