Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1771

Chapter 1771 Is He Sick
lan was indeed a picky eater.

When he was young, his mommy, Sasha, discovered that secret of his when she met him for the first time. In order to win his
heart, she kept him by her side and made several of his favorite dishes for him.

Therefore, as part of the Jadesons, it was only natural that Susan would remember what her nephew liked to eat.
Furthermore, to take good care of him, Susan even asked Sasha for advice.

lan was enjoying his food.

When Susan tasted the food that Zaylynn had prepared, she found them quite delicious as well.

After they finished their meal, lan returned to work at the library as usual. Susan wanted to send him there, but once again,
Zaylynn offered her help.

“I’ll send him there. I have a car.”
“A car?”
Susan looked at her in surprise.

That’s right. I have forgotten that this Zaylynn seems to be from a wealthy family. Even when she is going to school, she has
her own personal chauffeur.

Thinking of lan’s leg, Susan agreed.

“lan, then you go ahead with Zaylynn to the library. There’s still something I need to handle. Once I’m done, I’ll come and
fetch you, and we’ll go back together.”


lan did not sound very willing though.

However, when he knew that he could go home earlier after his class, he had no objection.
Naturally, Zaylynn was thrilled.

That afternoon, the entire school saw the two of them together as she drove him to the library. After that, everyone started
gossiping about them.

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