Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772 A Docile Puppy Or A Fierce Dog

When lan saw that, he was taken aback. He definitely did not expect her to walk away without saying a single word.
“Yasmin, what are you doing? Where are you going?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Do you want money? Fine, I can give you a hundred thousand.” Not ever Knowing the value of money, lan just offered the

Yasmin was speechless.

She picked up her pace.

This guy is truly insane!

“How about two hundred thousand?”

“Three hundred thousand!”

Oh my God!


Before he could finish talking, Yasmin finally turned around. She looked so infuriated as if she was about to tear him apart
like a tigress.

“So, you are very rich, aren’t you?”
lan was a little shocked.

He had never seen any woman who was so fierce. In that instant, he stared at the woman who was about to pounce on him
and began to retreat.

She is crazy!
“So, tell me! How much money does your family have? If I want a million, will you be able to give it to me?”
Yasmin was purely venting her frustration.

At that moment, she felt like beating the sh*t out of that insane guy. Hundreds of thousands? Why doesn’t he just smash me
with mountains that are made of gold and silver? Perhaps, he is getting so addicted to making fun of me?

Yasmin glared at him viciously.

However, after lan had calmed down, he seemed to be considering her request.


“What did you say?”

Buzz! Buzz!

lan’s smartphone began to vibrate again.

lan pulled Yasmin’s hands off his collars and walked away with his smartphone.


“Mr. lan, our car is already at the entrance of your school, but they won’t let us in. Are you coming out now?”
lt was Yvonne, and she had already arrived at the school.

When lan heard that, his tense expression softened a little. “l understand.

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