Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 286

She’s actually threatening me with her life?

The man rushed there overnight, and at that moment, he felt so sorrowful that it imprinted into his very bones. Then, he hovered over that woman. His dark brown eyes carried no warmth and the menacing danger was the only thing those eyes exuded.

“You are so adamant about leaving me now. Have you forgotten how you went all out and tried to court me in the past?” Sasha couldn’t speak.

Her entire body trembled, and her pretty face paled even more.

She remembered that all too well.

That was why she hated herself at that moment. If she could turn back time, she would never have acted that way.

Anger and humiliation maxed out in Sasha’s heart. Her eyes glowed with pain and regret when she replied, “How could I forget that, Sebastian Hayes? For you, I abandoned everything, including the Wand family, the Blackwood family, and myself. Are you reminding me of that past because you want to know why I insist on torturing myself over and over again?”

Sebastian didn’t know what to say.
He was stunned and immediately wanted to say that wasn’t what he meant.
Unfortunately, the woman in front of him suddenly developed a surprising strength. She pushed him away.

‘It’s good that you’re here today. We can take this opportunity to clear the air. From now on, Sebastian Hayes, we are nothing but strangers. I will ask my lawyer to send you the divorce papers, so you can leave now.”

Sasha was especially mean and cruel when she said that last sentence.

This woman… she no longer fears me, and she does not panic anymore. Her tone is even as she spoke, and her eyes glow like she is an entirely different person.
Sebastian’s expression suddenly became downright terrifying.

The only reason it took him that long to reach her was because he wanted to give her some time to think, Everybody makes stupid mistakes when they act impulsively. That is why I am willing to wait and give her some time.

What Sebastian never anticipated was that even after waiting patiently for a few days, she still said something that cruel.

Am I really that unforgivable? Even if the matter with Xenia is just a misunderstanding? Am I guilty even though I had nothing to do with what my father did?

Sebastian was utterly disappointed. His face had a grouchy expression on, and it was almost visibly turning paler. It was clear that his suppressed emotions were acting up and threatening to break free.

“Are you still hung up on the incident involving Xenia? If so, let me share something with you. I have investigated the matter, and my father is innocent!”

“None of that is important, Sebastian. I am tired. I no longer want to have anything to do with the Hayes, and my only wish is that I can build the Wand family back up. My dad will be out soon.”

“What about the kids? Do you not want to have anything to do with them anymore as well?”

Sasha hesitated. It seemed she had gathered a lot of courage when she closed her eyes, and her pale lips said, “No, I don’t. They’re all yours now.”

The aura in the room froze over.
How disappointed and tired did a person have to be to say something like that? The man started breaking dawn.

He had always been the one to determine others’ fate and could do whatever he wanted. However, at that moment, hearing those words… it felt like something was slipping out of his control, and it frightened him to his core.

His fingers were trembling.

She’s actually abandoning the kids! They were her everything…

Sasha had been waiting for his response. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see his expression in the dark and could only detect his movement.

What she saw was that he had remained motionless.

I guess that makes sense. Why would he do anything? He’s probably ecstatic now. All three kids are with him, and he has everything now.

Sasha grinned bitterly and turned around.
“Where are you going?”

To Sasha’s surprise, the man reached out and grabbed her as soon as she moved. His hold on her was so strong that she frowned in discomfort.

“You don’t get to care about where I’m headed. Let me go!”

“Not even in your dreams. I’m warning you, Sasha. You are mine, and you will remain that way unless I give you permission to leave. If not, you will be mine forever!”

The man with bloodshot eyes howled. He was like an untamed beast that had been infuriated, and he shoved her to the side of the door before he planted countless kisses on her.
Sasha couldn’t speak.

She was stunned for a second before she struggled and demanded, “Mmm… Sebastian Hayes… You… Assh“le! Let me go.”

He was the poison she should never touch. That was what Sasha convinced herself of. It took her so long to accept that truth, and she refused to make the same mistake again.

Unfortunately, the more she struggled, the wilder he got.

It eventually got to the point where he carried her and walked into the bedroom right away!

At Prime Cloud Corporation’s Headquarter in Clear.

Solomon tossed his coat and slumped down on the sofa aside as soon as he got back.

He had too much to drink that night, and it was likely that he wouldn’t make it home if he hadn’t pushed hard.

His assistant went over at that moment. Seeing that scenario got the dutiful assistant to hurry over and pour Solomon a glass of warm water.

“Mr. George, are you okay? Why did you drink so much? You can’t hold your drink very well.”

The assistant felt bad upon seeing Solomon like that because the two of them had been working together for a while.
Solomon, however, smiled. He rested on the sofa and tilted his head up to look at the ceiling. He seemed utterly satisfied.
“I was happy, so I drank a little more.”

“Happy? Is it because of Ms. Nancy? Did she finally show up?”

“Yes, she did.”

Solomon didn’t deny anything. He picked up the glass of water his assistant got him and downed it in one gulp.

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