Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 300

“Sha, we are now working under Andy. He will be mad if he finds out you bypass him to negotiate directly with Sky Precision.” “But isn’t it the same if we close the deal and split the earnings with him?”

“How is that the same? An egoist control freak like him would definitely not be happy with that. What matters more to him is submission and obedience from his subordinates, not money.” Lance was stern, quite unlike his usual self.

Moreover, his reasoning and analysis were way too sophisticated, beyond what a normal college kid could come up with.
He spoke as though he was an experienced expert in such matters. How could that be? Did I hear him wrong? His rebuttal left Sasha speechless.

Seeing her reaction, he realized his unusual behavior had stunned her, so he changed his tone and explained, “I… Sha, don’t get mad. I might sound a little harsh, but I have heard about such things from my friends. I am just worried for you.”

Sasha stared at him for a few seconds. She decided he was telling the truth and dismissed her own suspicion.

“It’s okay. I’ll think about it again. You’d better head off to bed,” she said.

That very night, she tossed and turned in bed, torn between Solomon’s attractive proposal and Lance’s very rational analysis.

Unexpectedly, like a magician, Solomon appeared out of the blue right in front of her the next morning. For a moment, his stunning features and warm smile dazzled Sasha.He had specially flown back from Clear to accompany her to meet the person in charge of the Jetroina project. He seemed to have read her mind and knew she was hesitant.

“Morning, Nancy. I knew you would be undecided, so let me accompany you there.” Sasha was grateful for his concern. His presence gave her assurance and eased her worry.

Bang!Just as she was about to take up his offer, the door upstairs burst open. Lance came out and greeted them with a sharp look.

“Oh Lance, you are up? Perfect timing! Solomon is here, so maybe we can give it a try. What do you say?” His stony expression gave her the shudders, and she tried to appease him with a conciliatory tone.

However, her cousin was definitely not his usual obedient self that morning. His face darkened further upon hearing her, and he stormed back into his room, slapping the door hard behind him.

Both Solomon and Sasha were dumbstruck as they wondered what was wrong with him.

After she recovered from her shock, Sasha hurriedly turned to Solomon with an apology. “I am really sorry about that. He was against the idea because he was worried I would offend Andy by doing so.”

Fly into such a rage just because he was worried for his cousin? Solomon’s eyes narrowed in doubt. He stared fixedly at the door for a long time, highly concerned as the Lance he knew

would never behave with such anger and disdain. His menacing stare was frightening.

On the other hand, Sasha did not read too much into the episode. Lance had warned her about the issue the night before, so she could understand his anger over her decision to go ahead.

As Lance was in a wrathful mood, she decided to go ahead without him. Just as she was about to leave, her cousin came out of his room and whined, “I am coming along too!” He stood there with a pained look in his big, soulful eyes.


The huge change in his attitude astonished Sasha. He had been very unpredictable in the past few days, raging like a bull one moment and then meek as a lamb the next.

She wanted to be firm with him, but when she saw his disappointed bowed head and lowered eyes, she softened. “Okay, go get changed. I will wait for you.” She relented, ruffling his hair.

Lance immediately broke into a wide grin and ran back into his roam to change.

Solomon, who was watching them from the hall, was perplexed. What he just witnessed was the usual behavior of Lance.

However, he felt something was not quite right. It was bothering him because he could not single out exactly what was wrong.

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