Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 325

The male parent was extremely enthusiastic when he saw her coming. As he had seen Roxanne eazlier, he thought Sasha was.
not the children’s mother.

Hence, he personally started to teach Sasha right in front of Sebastian.
“The water in the fields causes the plants to float. When we plant the seedlings, we must exert a lot more force.” “Force? To what extent?”

“Your finger must reach this depth.” The male parent grabbed Sasha’s hand, planning to demonstrate how much strength she should use.

When Sebastian witnessed this, he could not hold himself back anymore and yelled, “Sasha, come over here right now! You don’t even know how to plant seedlings! Are you stupid?”

Sasha was at a loss for words.

After a short while, she smiled at the male parent awkwardly. “I’m sorry, the kids’ father has a bad temper.”

The male parent was surprised.

The kids’ father? Isn’t she unrelated to him? Why is he scolding her so harshly?

While the other parents shot her complex gazes, Sasha returned to Sebastian. Her temper rose as she glared at him unhappily.
“What are you doing, Sebastian? Instead of working, you’re throwing a tantrum here. Do you want the kids to go hungry?”

“I’m throwing a tantrum? You can’t even do something so simple. Yet, you’re shameless enough to ask others!”

Not only did he refuse to reflect on himself, but he was also even meaner and shameless than Sasha.

Furious, Sasha threw a seedling at him. “If you’re smart, do it yourself! Don’t just stand here motionlessly! If you are capable enough, you should work!” she exclaimed furiously.

That jark deserves to be taught a lesson!

However, she was in for a surprise. Immediately after she spoke, he took off his socks and shoes, revealing his fair ankles.
He then made his way aver.

Sasha gaped in shock.
Similarly, Matteo and lan widened their eyes as they stared at their father.

Daddy’s coming? This is surprising! He was standing there with Ms. Rocke earlier for so long, feeling disdainful and disgusted to come down! The other parents even laughed at them! Is he really going to come now?

The two kids moved aside simultaneously and welcomed Sebastian with much enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, Sasha stood there and watched as the elegant man planted his legs into the muddy water.

When he entered, the muddy water immediately contrasted with his fair skin.

As expected, he frowned and could not help but hiss in disgust.

He was already a clean freak, to begin with, so it was a challenge for him to come to a place like this.

Sasha’s anger gradually dissipated.

“Okay, I was joking with you. Go back up, and I’ll do this.” She picked up the seedlings in front of him and was about to start farming.

However, to her surprise, he shot her a cold glance before waddling into the field directly.

The woman stared at him, utterly stunned.

“Daddy has finally come! Let’s plant the seedlings together!”

Matteo clapped his hands happily.

lan was very happy too. He squatted and passed a seedling to Sebastian, chirping, “Here, Daddy!”

Sebastian took it. It was the first time that he, who dominated the corporate world, felt extremely pleased after being praised.
That’s strange.

Even Sasha smiled.

However, she did not dare to praise him. Otherwise, he might lash out at her again due to his ego.

Sasha entered the field, about to teach him how to plant. However, she soon discovered that although he had been standing aside just now, he had managed to plant the seedling firmly on his first try.

“You’re amazing, Daddy! You managed to plant it firmly!” When Matteo saw that, he showered his father with praises again.
Sebastian felt even more disdain for Sasha.

“Do you think I’m like your mother? She’s as stupid as a pig!”

Sasha almost flung the seedlings at his face in anger.

He’s really testing my limits! Why can’t he stop bullying me?

However, she controlled herself.

It was true that Sebastian was exceptionally intelligent. Although he only joined the party in the fields later on, he soon mastered the technique. He could plant the seedlings better than the rest.

On the other hand, Sasha was too weak. Every time she planted a seedling, it would still float up.

“Go distribute the seedlings with your sons.”

When Sebastian saw that, he snatched the seedlings away from her disdainfully and chased her away.

As it was true that her skills were inferior to his, she had no choice but to do whatever her sons were doing instead.

When the other parents in the fields saw that, they could not help but discuss the situation amongst themselves. “The twin’s family sure is efficient. After the father joined them, everything is getting done well. He’s much better at this as compared to their mother.”

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