Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 670

Why has he gone missing? What is he trying to do? As her mind was in turmoil, she flung her phone away and swiftly booked a flight ticket to go home.
Rufus didn’t stop Sasha from leaving after she explained the current situation to him.

“Sure, go back and find out what happened. After all, I’m worried that the Jadesons will target Sebastian once they know his identity.”

Sasha was on the brink of tears upon hearing it.

Sasha couldn’t remember how she left the hospital and went to the airport.

All she knew was that she took an eight-hour flight and arrived at Avenport at midnight. Then, she staggered to the Hayes Corporation as though she was sleepwalking and knocked on the entrance downstairs.

“Sebastian, get out!”

“Sebastian—” She slammed the door for a long time and screamed until her voice became hoarse.

Finally, someone came downstairs and opened the door. Sasha looked up and saw Solomon, who wore a black suit and a pair of golden-rimmed glasses.

At that moment, he was overlooking Sasha quietly.
Sasha was at a loss for words upon seeing him.

The next moment, she sprang upon him as though she had gone mad and yelled, “What did you do to him? Where are you hiding him now? Give him back to me!”

She was in hysterics and kept grabbing his collars.

It was as if she would tear Solomon into pieces if he didn’t give Sebastian back to her.

At that moment, Sasha finally realized how important Sebastian was in her heart, and she was willing to risk her life for him.

Solomon’s expression turned grim under the dim lights.

“I’m not keeping him anywhere. He left by himself.”

“What did you say?”

Sasha stopped screaming and stared at Solomon in disbelief.

“What did you mean? Did he leave by himself? Where did he go?”

“Someone from the Jadesons looked for Sebastian not long after you went abroad. After Sebastian killed him, Charles wanted to seek revenge. Rumor has it that Sebastian had killed Charles’ son. So, since the Jadesons are about to destroy the Hayes, he has brought his men to the Jadeborough. I guess he should’ve arrived by now.”

Solomon explained calmly, as though it had nothing to do with him.
Sasha was shocked upon hearing Solomon’s explanation.
Feeling that the world turned topsy-turvy, Sasha collapsed and was about to fall to the ground.


Salomon immediately reached out to help her up.
At that juncture, Sasha raised her hand and slapped Solomon in the face as though her strength had restored suddenly.

“Are you satisfied? You finally got what you’ve always wanted.” As Sasha questioned him, crystal clear tears rolled down her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Solomon’s face moved to the left, while his glasses were sent flying after being slapped. However, he kept the posture and didn’t move an inch.

Deep down, he admitted that he and Yancy did “contribute” a lot to such a situation today.
In the end, Sasha staggered away and disappeared into the darkness.
As the SteelFort’s bodyguard was not far from Solomon, he came out and asked, “Mr. Solomon, should we protect her?”

“Yes, send your men to follow her. Remember to stop her from going to Jadeborough.” After giving the instructions coldly, Salomon turned around and went upstairs.

Preventing Sasha from going to Jadeborough was Sebastian’s last request.

However, they didn’t expect that a woman could become immensely resilient in the face of despair.

Sasha retumed to Frantier Bay that night to confirm one thing.
“Wendy, I’d like to ask you a question. Where are lan and the other kids?” “Mrs. Hayes—”

“Please tell me the truth. Since Sebastian is in trouble, I must know everything to save him. Do you understand?” Sasha questioned calmly and imposingly.

Since it was the first time Sasha behaved so sternly toward her, the housemaid was frightened and spilled the beans.
“I understand, Mrs. Hayes. Mr. Calvin took them away.” “Mr. Calvin?”

“Yes, his name is Calvin Woods. He’s the brother of Channing Woods, who used to work for the late Mr. Hayes. Mr. Calvin never returned after he left with the three kids,” the housemaid explained.

Sasha’s heart sank upon hearing it.

In other words, the kids did not go to the Soprano’s residence. Instead, knowing that a bloody battle would ensue, Sebastian had sent them to somewhere safe to protect them.

What about me?

Back then, he always had rows with me and questioned my fidelity. In the end, I had no choice but to divorce him because he slept with Roxanne.

“Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Hayes didn’t take the divorce agreement after you signed on it. Instead, he tore it apart as soon as you left.”

The housemaid’s revelation dropped a bombshell.

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