Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 672

By the time she awoke, the bus had reached its station.
The lady was also nowhere to be found.
“Miss, where are you going? We have reached our destination. Do you need a taxi?”

Given that she was in a high school uniform and looked like a young girl with baby fat on her cheeks, the bus driver assumed that she was a student.

Having just awoken, Sasha quickly sat up.

“Mister, is there any place I can rent a car here?”

“What?” The driver was stunned. “Rent a car? Do you mean a taxi?”

“No, I meant renting one that I can drive. The higher the horsepower the better. In fact, a sports car would be great.”

Checking her watch, Sasha realized it was already eight. By then, she had grown extremely anxious.
However, the driver was stunned.
A sports car? Is this girl babbling nonsense? How can a high school girl drive? Is she still dreaming?

Just when the driver wanted to respond, a black SUV arrived at the bus station. When he turned to look, Sasha’s eyes lit up and dashed toward it before he even knew what was happening.

That looks like a Land Rover!

In the end, Sasha drove away from Marsingfill in that Land Rover.

The journey from Marsingfill to Jadeborough was long. But with the Land Rover, she could quickly reach the next city with an airport from where she could take a flight.

After mentally calculating the time, she figured she could reach there by three in the afternoon.

Sebastian, when I arrive, I will give you a piece of my mind!

At Heron Hill, Jadeborough…

Although the Jadesons sat on the pinnacle of power in the capital, they maintained a low profile. Hence, they chose to stay on top of a hill away from the bustling city.

After Jonathan Jadeson had retired, the entire residence slowly became quiet and peaceful.
Nevertheless, everyone knew that heading to Heron Hill was more terrifying than going to the White House.
The White House was the president’s residence.

Early in the morning, Fabian Kennedy arrived at the summit of Heron Hill. He had received urgent news and came to report it to Jonathan.

However, the moment he entered…

“Who is it? You are forbidden from entering without permission!” Suddenly, a black-clad man emerged and stopped Fabian at gunpoint.

Fabian’s turned pale at once.

‘It… it’s me, Fabian. Do you still remember me? Let me in quickly, I have an urgent matter to see Old Mr. Jadeson.” Pointing at his own ugly-looking face, he shifted around to give the man in black a better look.

Fabian Kennedy? The secretary-general? The man’s face flashed with disdain but he stepped aside to let Fabian pass.

Half an hour later, Fabian climbed up the summit panting like a dog. When he saw an old man who had his trousers rolled up and working with a hoe, Fabian almost burst into tears.

“Old Mr. Jadeson, I… I have finally found you. Old Mr. Jadeson…” Fabian lamented as he stumbled forward.
The white-haired man was the renowned general, Jonathan Jadeson, who was feared by all his enemies.
However, he was now retired and did simple farming to pass time.

“Step aside. You’re standing on the soil that I have just loosened.”

Jonathan glared at Fabian when he stepped onto the ground which he had just worked on. After that, he continued working the soil with his hoe.

Fabian moved aside at once.

“I’m sorry, Old Mr. Jadeson. But I have something important to report. Do you know that there was a theft at the White House yesterday?”

“What?” Jonathan raised his gaze when he heard the shocking news.

A theft at the White House? Is he kidding? Does he know what the White House is? That’s where the nation’s leader resides and has the tightest security systems. And now, he is telling me that there has been a theft?

“No, Old Mr. Jadeson. Listen to me. I’m telling the truth. The thief evaded all security systems and entered the president’s office. Luckily, the president wasn’t in there at that time. Or else, I can’t imagine what could’ve happened.”

Fabian shuddered when he related the news to Jonathan.

The hoe in Jonathan’s hand stopped moving.

Straightening his posture, his eyes flashed with an eagle-like glint despite having a head full of white hair.
“And then?”

“Then… then, we mobilized everyone to capture him. However, he managed to escape but left this behind.” With a pale expression, Fabian gulped before handing the item over to Jonathan hesitantly.

After glaring at him, Jonathan snatched the item away.

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