Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 673

It turned out to be a USB drive.

With a metal chain attached, it was made to look like a keychain. However, Jonathan quickly saw through its secret. With a flick of his finger, a USB connector appeared.

“This… this is…” “Hmph!” Snorting, Jonathan returned to his house with the USB drive in hand.

He felt that it might be a political foe attempting to send a poison-pen letter anonymously.

After all, it wasn’t the first time something of that sort happened.

Therefore, when Jonathan slot the USB drive into his computer, Fabian didn’t mind it at all.

Soon, the contents of the drive showed up on the screen. When Jonathan saw that the Jadesons were listed in it, he froze. It even included how they misused their authority for their own interest. Furthermore, it accused them of using their power to destroy innocent families.

Jonathan’s expression was animated as he went through the contents.
“Old Mr. Jadeson, are you done?” Fabian couldn’t help but ask from outside as he too was interested to take a look.

However, what happened next shocked him. Not only did Jonathan not allow him to enter, but a loud bang was also heard and a bullet came flying out.

Coincidentally, the coffee cup he had beside him was blasted into pieces.


Fabian was scared out of his wits.

Holy cow! This must be something serious. When was the last time the old man pulled out a gun?

By the time Sebastian received news that Calvin had failed, he had holed up in Havenhall for the last two days.

“Mr. Hayes, now that Calvin has failed, what are we going to do next? Tristan knows that we are in Jadeborough and is searching all the entertainment centers. ‘m afraid he will find us sooner or later.”

When Karl heard the news, he began to worry.

However, Sebastian was in a sea of calm. Lighting a cigarette in nonchalance, he took a puff before asking, “Where’s Calvin? Is he all right?”

“He’s fine. All he has was some scrapes. However, he didn’t manage to hand it to the president. I’m worried-”

“Didn’t you say Calvin dropped the package in the White House? What are you worried about then? Someone would pick it up, wouldn’t they? Or perhaps, Alfred White isn’t as capable as these people.”

Sebastian laughed.
Under the dim lights of the private room, Sebastian’s insidious smile made him look like a madman.

Alfred was the current president.

Hence, Karl fell a chill down his spine.
By dragging the Jadesons along with him to his grave, he has really gone crazy.
The truth was, Sebastian had already done it. Soon, there would be a shift in the powers in Jadeborough.

Without adding another word, Karl left the room. He planned to beef up security so that they would have enough men to fend off any attacks.

However, the moment he went out a large group of men in black barged in. They did not have any insignia on them. As their mission was to kill, it didn’t make sense for them to dress in a way that would reveal their identity.

“Search the place! I don’t care you if you have to turn it upside down, just find that bast*rd!” “Yes!”

The next moment, the extravagant atmosphere of the nightclub was turned into hell. Screams and agonizing cries filled the building. Soon, the entire floor was covered in blood.

Sebastian was already aware of the commotion.

Dashing out of his private room, he pulled aside the curtain behind him to reveal a heavy machine gun.
“Mr. Hayes, what are you doing?”

Suddenly, a thin figure appeared and stopped Sebastian’s hand as he tried to lift the gun.

Sebastian snapped, “Calvin, step aside!”

“No! No one had expected Calvin to stand firm.

“Mr. Hayes, do you know what you’re doing? Can you wipe all of them out with the weapon in your hand? Even if you kill all the men the Jadesons sent downstairs, there are many more out there. Can you kill every single one of them? In the end, the only thing you’ll lose is your own life!”

“Isn’t it worth it? On top of the package you planted last night, I will have achieved my objective by killing all of them here.” Sebastian had lost all rationality in his pursuit for vengeance. At that moment, he even seemed to be gloating about it.
Calvin trembled at the sight of him.

When he thought of the adorable child hugging Sebastian’s leg and calling him “Daddy”, Calvin felt the urge to give Sebastian a slap.

“Are you crazy? Do you really want to die that much? Have you forgotten about your children?” “What?”

“You still have a wife or have you forgotten all about her? Did it cross your mind that she knows nothing at all? Have you thought about her feelings once she finds out about everything you did just to force her to leave? Wouldn’t she be filled with pain and regret? And what if she wants to join you in death?”

Calvin had no qualms about uttering the last sentence.

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