Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 674

Sebastian was stumped.
The last sentence felt like a wake-up call to him. His face suddenly turned pale as he loosened his grip on the gun.
He had never thought about it that way as vengeance had blinded him recently.
Other than revenge and eliminating the Jadesons, he had not considered anything else.
Will she die with me? Is it possible? Given how strong-headed she is, I cannot discount the possibility of that happening.

Trembling slightly, Sebastian gradually closed his eyes.

Calvin called out, “Mr. Hayes…”

“I understand. Give me the car keys and tell our men to withdraw. We will regroup at the port!” Sebastian barked in darkness as if he had used up every last bit of his strength.

Calvin was delighted by the response.

After handing Sebastian the car keys, Calvin dashed off to find the others.

After a brief pause, Sebastian opened the window and jumped down before disappearing from the nightclub.
A short while later a loud explosion was heard from inside.

The raging fire lit up the entire street while the shockwave from the blast sent glass flying everywhere.

By the time Sasha reached Jadeborough, it was already four in the afternoon.

The sky was getting dark, and the northern city was still freezing cold. The moment she disembarked from the plane, a gloomy sight greeted her.

Where am I to go from here?

After leaving the airport, she stared at the city and suddenly felt lost.

Right at that moment, she heard two tourists discussing something aloud.

“There was an explosion at Havenhall? My God! A lot of people must have been killed.”

“Are you sure?”

Both of them looked shocked while scrolling through the news on their phones.

Havenhall? What kind of place is it?

Shifting her eyes, Sasha didn’t think too much about it. Instead, she went up to the two. “Excuse me, I’m not from around here. May I know where the Department of Defense is located?”

Sasha had hoped ta ask around about it. Given how much influence the Jadesons had over the city, they would easily know if something had happened.

“Department of Defense?” The two of them were surprised at why a young lady was asking about such a place. “Why do you want to know?”

“Oh, I’m here to see my uncle, and he works there. However, I can’t get in touch with him now, so I decided to look for him instead.”

Sasha cooked up a random excuse.
Unexpectedly, they held up their phones replied, “You can drop the idea. He is probably too busy at the moment.” “Oh? Busy?”

“Exactly. Look, this is the largest nightclub in the city. This afternoon, there was a large explosion there and a lot of people were killed. The entire city’s police force is heading over there.”

They showed her the news on their phones.

Sasha was shocked by what she saw. It was a magnified picture of the blast site where the carnage was terrifying.

An explosion in the city’s biggest club?

Her eyes shifted in thought.

“However, it’s strange that even the army has been mobilized. Look, the ones who are looking for survivors are all soldiers.”

Suddenly, the two youths commented while looking at their phones.

Sasha’s heart skipped a beat.
Soldiers! He mentioned soldiers! Sasha had an epiphany and rushed off without even thanking the two youths.

Despite not knowing what was going on exactly, her gut told her as long as Sebastian was involved, the Jadesons would definitely be close behind.

Furthermore, the explosion was indeed a devastating incident.
Soon, Sasha arrived at Havenhall in a taxi.

Just as expected, the entire street had been sealed off while fire engines lined the area. Other than firemen, there were also men in military fatigues crawling all over the place.

At that moment, they were busy carrying black bags out of the scorched building.

What’s in there?

After alighting from the taxi, Sasha stepped forward to take a better look.

“Given how many people are dead, the owner is in deep trouble.”

“Of course. However, I wonder what happened? The blast was so massive that even the army are involved. Look at how many bodies they are carrying out. There must be at least tens of them.”

Along the perimeter line that had been set up by the police, a crowd had gathered and were speculating about what happened.

Only after hearing their comments did Sasha realize the soldiers were carrying body bags that contained the remains of the bomb blast victims.

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