Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 676

However, before he could react, Sasha continued, “You don’t have to lie to me as I have found your location. Come clean with me now, or I will go straight to where you are.”

“No, don’t!” Calvin protested with an anxious tone, revealing his breathlessness.

Sasha was stunned.
After a long pause, Calvin finally replied, “Mrs. Hayes, please… please don’t come over. You will only distract Mr. Hayes.” His words caused Sasha to tremble.

Seized by fear, she could no longer control her emotions. She shrieked, “Why? What is he doing? Calvin, what are you hiding from me? Huh?”

“No, Mrs. Hayes. I’m really… not hiding anything from you.”

“You’re lying!” Sasha’s rage intensified. “I can hear the breathlessness in your voice. It’s obvious that you are injured. Calvin, don’t forget that I’m a doctor!”

This time Calvin fell silent over the line.

Does he think that I’m not aware of his situation? I heard with my own ears the officer telling his subordinate that Calvin was responsible for detonating the bomb at Havenhall. With thirty-three people dead, how could he have escaped unscathed? What about Sebastian? Is he all right?

Tears rolled down Sasha’s cheeks. “Calvin, I’m already in Jadeborough and have gone to the nightclub. I know what happened to the both of you.”

Calvin was stumped.

After a long while, a bitter and raspy voice replied, “Mrs. Hayes, don’t worry. Mr. Hayes is fine. He left before the explosion.” “Really?”

“Yes. I’m not lying to you. He is meeting with Mr. Pence right now. They have an appointment and Mr. Hayes will be boarding a ship in half an hour.”

Finally, Calvin came clean with Sasha. His words had put her mind at ease.

She was so delighted that she shed tears of joy.

Is he telling the truth? Is Sebastian going back? It would be wonderful if it is true. In that case, I can go home and wait for him.

After leaving the cybercafe, Sasha planned to find a place to rest and await further news.

However, the moment she stepped out, she heard the rotating rotors of a helicopter about her head. The entire scene made her feel as if she was in a war movie.

Sasha was stunned by the sight.

When she regained her senses shortly, the mind blanked out and she began to flee.

Meanwhile, Sebastian was indeed at the port waiting for Shawn.

Ever since his relationship with the Jadesons was revealed, Shawn and Jake didn’t keep in touch with him.
However, the day Sebastian decided to come to Jadeborough, Shawn came to see him on his own accord.

He said, “Sebastian, due to family reasons, I cannot interfere with Devin and your affairs. However, if you really want to go to Jadeboraugh, come see me at the part. No matter what, I’ll help you leave.”

At that time, Sebastian didn’t take it seriously as he had no plans to leave.
However, ever since he heard Calvin’s words, he had the sudden urge to head to the port.

It was six in the evening at the docks. The evening sky was on its last legs while the temperature dipped drastically. Karl, who was feeling impatient, began to question, “Mr. Hayes, Mr. Pence isn’t here yet. Did he stand us up?”

Sebastian didn’t respond.

Sitting inside the car silently, he kept staring ahead without showing any emotion. The tired look on his face was covered by the shadows of the faint evening light.

Karl didn’t say another word.
Instead, he alighted from the car to take a look. If Shawn really wasn’t coming, he had to start making other plans.

However, the moment he got out, a white Cadillac finally appeared. As the sky was growing dark rapidly, it looked like a leopard dashing toward the docks.

The moment Shawn arrived, he unexpectedly suggested, “Sebastian, there’s no way out of the docks. Shall we go by flight?”

Karl was outraged by the proposal. “Come on, Mr. Pence. Why are you telling us this now? Don’t you know Mr. Hayes has just wiped out Charles’ entire team? And yet, you’re suggesting that he should take another route?”

Shawn was speechless.

“They have a private jet that the military has no authority to question,” Sebastian suddenly remarked from the car.
Shawn shifted his attention away from Karl to look in Sebastian’s direction instead.

“That’s right. I have made the necessary arrangements. You should head over now as they are ready for you.”

“All right,” Sebastian readily agreed.

Karl who was left in the car was dumbfounded.

That’s right. How could I have forgotten? The Pence family was involved in the country’s secret research. Other than the nation’s leaders, no one else had the autharity to question them.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

With that, Karl happily followed Shawn as they drove away.

However, they didn’t expect Charles to be so desperate to kill Sebastian that he disregarded the Pence family.

A loud noise rang out.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Shawn saw something heavy crash onto his windscreen. The impact caused him to hit his head onto the steering wheel.

The car, with Shawn inside, overturned and spun off the highway.

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