Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 677

Karl, who was following closely behind, cried out in shock, “Mr. Pence!” Even Sebastian, who was in the backseat, blanked out at what he saw.

Before they knew it, a loud whirring sound was heard above their heads. As both of them looked up, they saw a helicopter diving in their direction.

Fuck! Karl’s face lost all color at once.

“That bast’rd!” He jammed on the brakes immediately before throwing the car in reverse.

Sebastian’s expression turned grim.

Grabbing onto the car handles above the window, he continued to stare at the approaching helicopter. Its jet-black color made him feel as if darkness was coming for them.

Bam! In the end, their car was no match for the helicopter.

Just like Shawn’s car, their vehicle was sent flying from the air pressure generated by the helicopter. The terrifying sound it generated made one feel as if one was inside an action movie.

Luckily, the helicopter didn’t ram into them as it was too dangerous for the pilot. All it did was try to blow them away with the force it generated and destabilize them with its landing gear.

Therefore, although their car was lifted off the ground, it was thrown off by a few meters before hitting the side railing of the highway, causing it to fall back down.

“Mr. Hayes… Mr. Hayes, are you all right?”

Karl’s head was covered with blood.

Despite not being directly hit, the turbulence the car experienced was enough to deal damage to its occupants, especially the driver. Karl felt as if his chest was about to burst open.

However, Sebastian didn’t reply.

Despite hearing the loud whirring in his ears, all Sebastian could see was darkness.

A moment ago, he had crashed into the front seat from behind. Even the handle he was holding onto had broken off in his hand.

Consequently, he wasn’t sure what kind of situation he was in. All he knew was that the excruciating pain he felt from his wrist and forehead was a bad omen of what was to come.

“Mr. Hayes?” Finally, Sebastian calmed down and replied with his lips pale, “I’m fine.” Having heard Sebastian’s answer, Karl heaved a sigh of relief.

Struggling up his seat, he wanted to continue driving. However, Sebastian’s voice rang up from behind, “Let’s switch. I’ll drive.”


Karl turned around in surprise.

However, he saw a mini submachine gun being thrust upon him.
He immediately understood what he needed to do.

After moving out of the driver’s seat, he positioned himself on the right. At the same time, Sebastian took his place at the wheel.

In terms of marksmanship, Sebastian just wasn’t as good as Karl, who also used to be a commando. Therefore, he chose to drive while letting his subordinate fire back at the enemy.

With that, Sebastian started the car engine.
Meanwhile, the helicopter had noticed that they didn’t fall of the highway and was circling back.
“Take aim!”

With his bloodshot eyes, Sebastian ignored the pain in his wrist and turned the steering wheel to quickly dislodge the car from the guardrails. The next second, he floored the accelerator. Instead of avoiding the helicopter, he drove in its direction instead.


Karl, who was holding onto the gun, was stunned.

However, he quickly regained his senses when he saw the approaching helicopter. Coincidentally, its cockpit was facing their car.
In fact, the range was perfect for his submachine gun.

Squinting his eyes, Karl raised his gun and took aim.


Pulling the trigger, he sprayed his target with a barrage of bullets.


The approaching helicopter was caught off guard as bullets shattered both its windscreen and windows.
This is crazy! Who are these people? Aren’t they worried that their car will be crushed by the helicopter? By then, the car was almost right underneath the helicopter.

The pilot was stunned by what was going on.

However, that wasn’t the most terrifying part. With their cockpit now exposed, they saw Karl standing up from the car with the submachine gun in his hand.

The next moment, Karl unleashed a hail of bullets with vengeance, killing all the people in the helicopter.

A giant explosion rang out.

Descending rapidly, the helicopter crashed onto the highway.

The next second, it exploded into a fireball while the car Karl missed it by a whisker.

“Mr. Hayes, you’re amazing!” Karl yelled triumphantly to celebrate their successful counterattack.
Sebastian didn’t respond.

Now that his adrenaline was receding, he felt an excruciating pain from his wrist and could barely hold the steering wheel.

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