Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 678


Just when he wanted to order Karl to take over the wheel, he heard the sounds of a whirring rotor above their heads again.
“F*ck! When are they going to quit?”

Karl’s face lost color at once.

Stopping abruptly, Sebastian looked up.

However, all he felt was despair. He saw not one, but two helicopters that were hunting them down in a fearsome manner.

“Mr. Hayes-”

Silence ensued.

Tightening his grip on the steering wheel, Sebastian gritted his teeth and floored the accelerator.

There was no other choice. Although they had defeated the first helicopter with smarts and courage, Sebastian was at his wit’s end on how to deal with the current two.

Therefore, their only option was to flee.

Sebastian was driving at a frightening two hundred and thirty kilometers per hour. Inside the car, it felt eerily quiet and surreal as the scenery flashed past them.

In spite of that, the two helicopters caught up quickly.

A loud noise rang out.

Despite the breakneck speed they were traveling at, their car was still tossed off the highway like a sandbag.
After flying for tens of meters, they crashed back onto the ground.


At the wreckage, there was no response from Karl, who was in the back seat.

At the same time, Sebastian was almost unconscious.

The moment the car crashed, his eyes were covered with darkness while every fiber in his body screamed in pain. Tasting blood in his mouth, he was too weak to open his eyes.

However, the two helicopters were not planning on letting them off.

When they saw the car still on the highway, one of the helicopters swooped down to push it off the guardrail and into the ravine below.

At the crucial moment, a large truck suddenly appeared and drove toward the helicopter at breakneck speed.

The entire ground shook.

No one had expected the truck to ram into the helicopter like a beast gone berserk.

Suddenly, everyone was stunned as they watch the helicopter burst into flames and drop from the sky.

My God! What’s going on? Where did the truck come from? Does the driver have a death wish? Does he even know that crashing into the helicopter is suicide?

The pilot in the other helicopter glared angrily at the truck and felt the urge to blow it up to kingdom come.
Meanwhile, Sebastian had regained his senses and looked in the truck’s direction.
By then, he had no one else by his side.

When he left Havenhall, he only brought Karl with him. As for the rest of his men, he assigned them to Calvin who needed all the help he could get.

So now, who is it that’s helping me? Inside the car, he struggled to open his eyes and look toward the truck.

However, amidst the smoke, he saw that half the truck’s tail had swung out of the highway. At the front of the truck, he could finally see someone moving.

In between the light from the dancing flames, he saw a flurry of blue and white flash before his eyes.
Blue and white? What’s that?

As questions filled his head, he attempted to get himself out of the car.


Suddenly, the fire from the helicopter had spread onto the truck, causing an explosion in the back. With that, the truck began to gradually slip backward.

“Ah! At that moment, Sebastian heard a familiar cry before looking at the truck in disbelief.

Just as expected, a pair of hands reach out from the truck. They were extremely dainty and fair. Sasha was banging desperately on the truck window.

Unfortunately, as if something had gone wrong, she just couldn’t open it.

Sebastian instantly realized what was going on. As fear began to overwhelm him, he desperately tried to struggle free from whatever was holding him back.

“No! No…” “It’s a woman. Go and kill her now!”

The men who had alighted from the final helicopter realized that the truck was driven by a woman. As their eyes flashed with murderous intent, they headed toward the truck in burning rage.

Killing her then was just a piece of cake.

They could either end her life in the driver’s seat or just push the truck into the ravine.
In both scenarios, she would die instantly.

Sebastian was on the brink of going berserk.

“Stop, I’m telling you. Stop!” Just like a caged beast, he cried out in despair. With veins bulging out on his neck and his eyes spitting fire, he looked no different from a madman.

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