Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 679

However, those men couldn’t hear him at all.
Instead, his expression told them how important the lady in the lorry was to him.
Hence, they stood in front of him and attempted to pry open the truck door.
“Ah!” The moment the door opened, Sasha, dressed in a blue and white school jacket rolled onto the ground by their feet.

Sebastian felt his heart stop.

“It really is a girl. But why is she wearing a school uniform? Is she a student?”

“Maybe, but what is her relationship to him?”

“Can she be his mistress? Isn’t dressing up in costumes all the rage recently?”

Giving the girl wretched stares, they began to wonder how she was related to Sebastian.

However, she was curled up on the floor without any sign of movement.

However, just when the men tried to grab her, she slipped out a needle and stuck it into the man’s eye.

Suddenly, the man screamed in pain and flung her aside with his hand.

The moment Sasha crashed onto the ground, the pain caused her vision to blur.

“Kill her! Kill her now!”

Just when she wanted to get up and save the trapped Sebastian, someone pulled her hair from behind.

The next moment, she felt a sudden pain and was violently pulled backward.


“You b*tch! How dare you attack me? Very well, I will crush you right here, right now!” Then, the man threw her over the guardrail.

“Ahh!” Sasha let out a scream of despair.

In a blink of an eye, a pair of hands appeared out of nowhere and grabbed her. Breaking her fall, they let her hang on by the edge of the cliff.

Who is it? Who caught me?

Before she could calm down, she raised her gaze to see a familiar face. However, that face was covered in blood.

Bursting out in tears, she looked at him just like a pitiful child.

Sprawled on the ground, Sebastian endured the stinging pain as he held onto her with both hands.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pull you up.” Calming her down, his voice was gentle and soothing.

Tears streamed down Sasha’s cheeks endlessly.

He had not spoken to her in such a tender tone for a lang time.

This b*stard! He has treated me like crap for a long time just to get me to leave. Does he know how long I have been drowning in sadness?

Sasha looked at him teary-eyed. “Do you still want me to leave?”

“Not anymore.”

“Do you still suspect me?” “I never did.”

Sasha was stumped.

Suddenly, a burning sensation crept up on her nose as her sobs turned into a bawl. At that moment, she felt as if all the frustrations within her were released, so much so that she was trembling slightly.

Sebastian coaxed her, “Why don’t you come up first?”

“All right.”

Sasha agreed with tears in her eyes. Grabbing onto Sebastian’s hands, she waited for him to pull her up.
However, her delight was short-lived.


Blinking her eyes, Sasha felt a moist and warm sensation on her face. That was when she suddenly turned pale.

“Come up quickly!” Sebastian was at his limit. Desperately clinging onto her hands, he pulled her up with all his might.
It was right at that moment that a razor-sharp dagger was stabbed into his body.

“And yet, I thought Shin’s son was someone exceptional to have killed so many of my men. In fact, I was expecting you to have shaken everything up. In the end, you’re just like your dad. Both of you have failed all because of a woman!”

With an insidious look in his eye, the man remarked in a vengeful tone.

After all, he was filled with resentment.

The Jadesons of Jadeborough had never lost a battle. No enemy had managed to stand against them.
However, Sebastian had defeated them repeatedly.

With a devilish smile, the man pulled the dagger out and prepared to make Sebastian suffer.

Suddenly, Sasha could feel Sebastian’s hand trembling violently while more of his blood dripped onto her face.
“No, don’t touch him! No!” Seized with fear, she screamed hysterically at the man.

However, there was no way he was going to let Sebastian go.

After all, his objective was to kill Sebastian. Furthermore, he wanted to exact revenge for all his men whom Sebastian had slaughtered.

Again, he plunged his dagger into Sebastian.

Finally, Sebastian began to cringe in pain.
However, his grip on Sasha didn’t loosen at all.

That was when Sasha lost all hope.

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