Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 680

When she saw more blood dripping down on her, Sasha’s tears continued to gush out.
She screamed, “Sebby, let… let me go. Hurry…”

She knew that with his capabilities, Sebastian would be able to take out the man if he let go of her. After Sasha had incapacitated the other man with her needles, he was the only one left.

Therefore, Sebastian would definitely be able to overpower him.
However, he rejected her suggestion.

In fact, he glared at her and bellowed, “Shut up! Hold on tight as I’m pulling you up now!”

Gritting his teeth, he dragged her up with all his might.

When Sasha realized that she was being lifted up, a glimmer of hope appeared in her eyes.

However, the man suddenly took out a gun and pointed at Sebastian’s arm.



Sasha’s scream accompanied the gunshot. As she began to slip down, she pulled Sebastian along with her.
That b*stard!

Sasha could see that Sebastian was about to lose consciousness from the pain.

It pained her to watch him desperately holding on despite having his arm shot through. Finally, she calmed down.

“Sebby, listen to me. I will definitely survive. Look at how tough I am. When I carried the triplets and rolled down the stairs, I didn’t die. Also, I survived after being brought to the deserted island by Solomon and injected with the drug. Sebby, you got to have faith in me. This time, I’ll be all right too.”

“B’lishit!” Sebastian roared.

With his bady drenched in blood, his face had lost all color. It was a horrifying sight to behold.
“Shut up! Did you hear me? Shut up!”

His tone trembled as if he was pleading.

However, Sasha had begun prying his fingers apart.

The next moment, to Sebastian’s shock, she slipped through his hands just like a kite with a broken string, falling down into the abyss.

Sebby, you will never know this but if only one of us were to live, I would want it to be you.
At that moment, it felt as if time had stopped while the air had frozen.
Stunned, Sebastian felt the urge to cry and scream.

However, nothing came out in the end. He realized that when one was in the throes of sadness, one wasn’t able to make a sound.

All that was left was an empty shell, as if his soul had followed her off the cliff.

In truth, that was what he was about to do. Closing his eyes, he spread his arms and let himself fall.

“Grab him!”

Suddenly, a voice barked out from behind.

The next moment, he felt his body being dragged backward.

“Let go! Let go of me…” Opening his eyes, he desperately tried to struggle free.

However, no one dared to release him until an old man whose trousers were stained with soil came up to him.

The old man glared furiously at Sebastian. “What are you doing? Is that all you are capable of? After trying to drag me, Jonathan Jadeson, down together with you, you want to end your life over a woman?”

With his bloodshot eyes, Sebastian ignored the old man and roared, “It has nothing to do with you! Let me go!”

All he could feel was rage and desperation.

Even his deep-seated hatred for the Jadesons no longer mattered to him. With his pupils losing their focus, hysteria consumed him.

Jonathan’s expressions drastically changed.

This was exactly what he hated to see.

Back then, Sebastian’s father had reacted the same way. He had sacrificed his own life for the sake of a woman,

And now, his son was doing the same.

Waving his hand, Jonathan gestured for his subordinates to take the raving-mad Sebastian away.


Before they did anything, Sebastian had managed to throw his captor aside. If not for Jonathan’s quick reflexes, Sebastian would have dashed for the cliff again.

“Sebastian, what are you doing? She is already dead. She chose to sacrifice herself for you. Are you going to let her die in vain?”

Utterly infuriated, Jonathan raised his hand and gave Sebastian a forceful slap.
Only then did he finally stop moving.

As if he had lost his mind, he stood blankly by the guardrail. Losing track of time, he reached out his hand to try and grab the darkness of the abyss.

Pfft! Sebastian spewed a mouthful of blood before collapsing onto the ground.
Three months later in Avenport, Sabrina had finally returned.

Although she had heard about what happened, she was still just as furious.

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