Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 681

Karl was happy to see her return. For the past few months, he had been walking around in crutches. The moment he saw Sabrina, he ran up to her and asked, “Ms. Sabrina, Mr. Hayes… he went to Jadeborough and never returned. I heard that he is in a coma. Do you want to go see him?”

If she agreed, he would want to go along with her.

However, Sabrina fell silent.

In what capacity am I to see him in? Furthermore, will the Jadesons even allow me to do that? “Ms. Sabrina?”

“We’ll discuss it again. Meanwhile, I’ll go see the Wand family first.” With that, Sabrina headed to the Wand residence.

Three months ago, after receiving news of Sasha’s death, Rufus fell seriously sick in Clear. It wasn’t until Lance brought him back that he began to feel better.

When Sabrina entered with the gifts she brought, she saw an elderly man lying on a chair in the yard.

Rufus wasn’t actually that old as he was just past sixty.

However, Sabrina noticed that not only had all his hair turned white, but he had also become exceptionally thin. At first glance, she thought that he looked like someone in his seventies.

“Mr. Wand, are you getting a sun bath?” Regaining his senses, Rufus turned toward Sabrina.
“Sabrina? You’re back?” Despite recognizing her, there was a glint in his eyes in response.

Sabrina smiled at once. “Yes, I just returned. Mr. Wand, I heard that you were sick. So, I decided to drop by for a visit. Are you feeling better now?”

Unlike her previous demeanor, Sabrina was full of respect.

Rufus was still feeling weak.

Nevertheless, he was invigorated by the sight of his daughter’s in-law. Sitting where he was, he began chatting with her.

For Rufus, it was depressing to have his daughter leave before he did. Furthermore, he had been to prison and lost his wife a long time ago.

Feeling sorry for him, Sabrina spent some time chatting with him.

Before she left, Rufus suddenly asked with an innocent expression, “By the way, Sabrina, do you know where the children are? I miss them dearly.”

Sabrina’s eyes burned at once.

In truth, she didn’t know.

Three months ago, Sebastian had sent the children away. Other than himself and Calvin, no one knew where they were.
However, now that he was in a coma and Calvin was nowhere to be found, she had no idea where the children were.

The moment she left the Wand residence, she decided to head to Jadeborough. Firstly, she wanted to see Sebastian.
Secondly, she wanted to find Calvin and ask him where the children were.

With that, she returned to the Hayes residence.

“Ms. Sabrina, Mr. Solomon is back and wants to see you.”

She had not expected to hear bad news the moment she returned.

Mr. Solomon?

Sabrina frowned and prepared to leave.

Before she could do that, Solomon heard her and came in from the yard.
“Sabrina, I want to talk to you.”

Given that it was April, the weather was getting warm. The flowers were in full bloom within the Hayes residence. Contrasted against the lush greenery, they made for a beautiful sight.

Amidst the blooming flowers in the garden, Sabrina took a seat on the stone bench.
Salomon followed accordingly.
“What are your plans?”

“Plans?” Sabrina sneered in response, “What do you mean plans? Are you worried that I am going to fight you for what you have? Let me tell you, I’m not interested.” Solomon furrowed his eyebrows.

Bathing in the warm afternoon sun, he threw a short shadow on the ground. Although the light accentuated his upright figure, it was unable to hide the frustration he felt.

“You have misunderstood me. I want to ask you if you would like to come back to work at the company. Based on how much the Hayes’ children will get, you deserve to have a twenty percent stake in Hayes Corporation.”

“What did you say? I have a stake in Hayes Corporation?” Having digested his words, Sabrina looked at him in surprise.
“Is there something wrong with your brain?”

Dumbfounded, Solomon felt like giving up on the conversation.

Subsequently, he threw a share transfer agreement on the stone table. “Here, take a look. Come back if you want to. The decision is yours.”

With that, Solomon left abruptly.
Staring blankly at the document, Sabrina just sat there. After a long while, she wiped the tears off her cheeks.
She wasn’t crying because she was touched.

All those years, she had resented her dad and Sebastian because she felt they had never treated her as a family by being constantly wary of her.

It wasn’t until they left her one by one that she realized they had protected her in their own way.

Only then, did she understand how much they truly loved her.

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