Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 682

What about this half-brother of mine? Is he a cold-blooded and selfish man? I don’t think so. At least when I was kidnapped by his mother and was getting sold as a sex slave, he was the one who opposed it. Even though Devin was the one who rescued me in the end, it shows that the former is not a bad person.

Eventually, Sabrina did not accept the share transfer agreement, but she sent it back to the Hayes Corporation. The following day, she headed over to Jadeborough.

The situation back in Jadeborough had seemed to resume to normal after three months, especially the Jadesons.

The Jadesons were separated into three bloodlines. The main bloodline was Jonathan’s eldest son, Stephen, who was Devin’s father.

As for the other two bloodlines, one of them was Jonathan’s elder brother, while another one belonged to his uncle.

His uncle’s bloodline was rooted further away. Hence, it did not have much power around Jadeborough.

However, it was a different story with his brother’s bloodline. As Jonathan used to shower a lot of care and favor for this brother, naturally, he had given the latter a lot of power.

For example, his brother’s son, Charles, and his brother’s grandson, Eric, both possessed a high military position.

However, Charles just got discharged personally by Jonathan recently.

Other than him, everyone from the brother’s bloodline had gotten suspended from their positions as well. The real reason was not announced to the public. The official statement merely said that they had committed some mistakes and had to receive confinement.

“Stephen, it’s been three months already. When do you think will Charles be released?” One day, as Devin and his family were having breakfast at home, his mother, Jasmine, suddenly asked her husband, Stephen.
Stephen cast her a cold glance upon hearing that question.

“Why do you ask about this out of nowhere?”

“Nothing. Since both of them have done such a thing to Devin, why does Dad only lock them up for a few days? Back then, Devin had gotten accused of taking a life, which gave him a huge blow on his spirit.”

Jasmine could not suppress her emotions as she felt the whole matter was somehow unfair.

Back then, Devin was the one that Jonathan sent to pick up Frieda. But when Devin was taking her back to Jadeborough, Eric’s men mixed in and grabbed the chance to kill Frieda.

When Devin did not bring her back, he got confined as soon as he returned.
Yet, after the truth got revealed, all Charles got was merely confinement.
That seemed too light a punishment in Jasmine’s opinion.

Just then, Stephen let out a helpless sigh. “Since Eric is dead now, it’s already the biggest punishment for Charles. What else do you want?”

Jasmine was rendered speechless by that.
In the end, she had no choice but to keep quiet.

A moment later, Devin came down from upstairs. He had changed into a neat military uniform, getting ready to head to the base.

“Devin, hold on a second. Are you leaving already?” Jasmine could not bear her son leaving as she immediately rushed toward him.

Upon seeing that, Devin let out a wry smile.

“Mom, I got to go to work. It’s not like that I’m leaving forever.”


“All right, Mom. I need to go. Or I’ll be late.” Devin turned abruptly to leave.

“Mr. Jadeson, there’s a Ms. Hayes outside for you. Should I let her in?” All of a sudden, a housemaid came in the door.
“Hayes? Who’s that?”

Jasmine’s expression turned dark the instant she heard that name, and she questioned before her son could utter a word.
But the housemaid kept quiet.

Devin was puzzled for a while but soon managed to guess who it was. At that moment, his expression turned awkward. “It’s fine.
I’m heading out anyway.”

Upon saying that, he left abruptly.

Jasmine was utterly displeased after being ignored by her son. “Stephen, who exactly is that? And she’s a Haye. Is she related to Frieda’s son? Why does she come here to find him?”

She had run out of patience.

Not to mention, the existence of Frieda’s son gave her a strong sense of insecurity.
After all, he was Shin’s son.

And she heard that he was unbeatable. Not to mention, his encounter with Charles and his son had resulted in countless casualties on the latter’s side.

The most terrifying fact was that Janathan chose not to kill him. Instead, he brought the latter back and took care of him on Heron Hill while he was in a coma.

Jasmine had made up her mind by then that she would pay a visit to Heron Hill no matter what.
Right at that moment, Sabrina finally met Devin.

“Devin… I didn’t come here to find you. Don’t worry. I want to see my brother. It’s been a long time, and I wonder how he’s been.”

Meeting the man of her heart, Sabrina still feit a little nervous.

Plus, she felt somewhat awkward due to the previous fuss she created at the base. Hence, she did not dare to look at him in the eyes.

Fortunately, Devin was not someone that held onto the past.

Upon knowing her purpose, Devin nodded slightly. “I understand. But Sebastian is at my grandpa’s place right now. If you want to see him, maybe I’ll need to ask Grandpa and get his permission.”

“All right. Ask him then.” Sabrina’s eyes brightened with excitement upon hearing that.

However, little did she know her family name was utterly detested by the Jadesons, especially Charles’ bloodline.

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