Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 683

“Who did you say that came to see him? Is it someone from the Hayes?”

Meanwhile, in Jade Court, Charles’ daughter, Tiffany, furrowed her brows upon hearing the news. Beyond exasperated, she threw her lipstick furiously at the floor.

The housemaid paled in fright on the spot.

“Yes… Ms. Tiffany. Our men saw her with their own eyes. It seems that she wants to meet that man and Mr. Jadeson has agreed to help her speak to Old Mr. Jadeson.”

“Devin? Who does he think he is to make that call?”

Tiffany cursed again upon hearing that, showing no respect at all to Devin.

Indeed, not many among the Jadesons would show any respect to Devin. In terms of age, many in the family were much older than him. And in terms of seniority, he was not the strongest one neither.

Hence, he did not deserve to be an heir of the military family.

With that, the housemaid did not dare to utter another word while she cast a timid glare toward Tiffany.
After a few minutes, Tiffany eventually lost her temper and stomped out of the door.
Since her brother was dead and her father was under confinement, there was no way she could let this drop.

A few minutes later, she found Tyler, the son of her uncle, at the West Wing of Jade Court. After Eric’s death, Tyler was the only one in her bloodline that still stood a chance against Devin as the heir.

“Tyler, do you want to be the heir of the Jadesons?”

Tiffany cut to the chase as soon as she ran into Tyler.

Tyler, who was playing with a parrot in the cage, cast her a lazy look. “Why? Are you still dreaming of becoming the heir after your brother’s death?”


Tiffany’s face darkened as she felt a thud in her heart. “I’m warning you. Don’t ever mention my brother again! If you want to get to this position, my advice is that you do as I say. Or else, you don’t even stand a chance with your family’s ability!”

Upon saying that, she turned furiously and left.

Tyler froze on the spot for a while, staring at her back figure.

A second later, he immediately caught up with her.

“Tiff, Pm sorry. I was fooling around with you. Tell me. What do you want me to do?” Tyler’s behavior completely changed.
Only then did Tiffany halt her feet, while casting a cold glance at him.

She had never expected highly of him due to his lack of ability and courage.

Nevertheless, since her brother was no longer around, she would prefer this useless cousin to take over as the heir rather than Devin.

One of the advantages was that she would be able to control him.

Most importantly, she wanted to avenge her brother.

In the end, Tiffany gave Tyler Sabrina’s address and asked him to kidnap her before they make a move on Devin.
Using Sabrina to go after Devin?

As expected, Tyler did not comprehend the purpose of this act.

Nonetheless, since Tiffany asked him to do so, he would just follow her instruction obediently.

Meanwhile, at the Hilton hotel in Jadeborough.

After Sabrina settled down there, she started to investigate Calvin’s whereabouts right away.

“lm sorry. Could you tell me about the explosion at the nightclub at Octasea Street that happened three months ago?”

“Why are you asking about that?”

In the bar with loud music, a man who looked slightly drunk was talking to Sabrina. Upon seeing the beauty he just got to know asked him such an abrupt question, his expression darkened.

Sabrina pretended not to notice his expression as she continued to act seductively.

“Nothing. One of my friends disappeared in that explosion. So I’m trying to look for him.” Her seductive face instantly filled with a hint of sorrow.

The eldest daughter of the Hayes family was indeed a natural beauty.

She disguised her beauty with gothic-style makeup, making others consider her an arrogant, stubborn woman.
But many did not know that under those heavy makeups hid a charming, elegant face.

As expected, the drunken man got moved by her vulnerability.

“I see. It would be difficult then since there were many casualties in that incident. But if you trust me, you can give me a photo of your friend. I can try asking around.”

Sabrina was stunned momentarily.
After pondering for a while, she eventually gave Calvin’s photo to that man.

After all, no one knew Calvin’s real identity except the Hayes family. So she figured it would not matter to give his photo to a stranger.

After Sabrina walked out of the bar, she wanted to call Devin. But she hesitated as she recalled the latter trying to keep his distance from her.

With that, she decided to go back to her hotel.

But when she was about to arrive at the hotel, a car suddenly stopped beside her. Before she could react, two men rushed out from the car and grabbed her.

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