Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 684

What the h’*II? What’s going on? Are they trying to kidnap me?

Sabrina was beyond exasperated by that. Clenching her fists tightly, she stabled herself while throwing a punch toward the man behind her.

“Aaaaahh…” The man did not expect her to make such a brutal move, so he covered his nose with his hand, letting out a painful shriek.

“How dare you try to touch me? Who do you think you are?” Turning around, she cursed furiously without any sign of intimidation.

At that moment, the man got pissed utterly.

“Seize her! We must capture her today no matter what!”

A second later, a few more men got out of the car and charged toward Sabrina.

Upon seeing that, Sabrina let out a cold smile. As those men got close to her, she swiftly tore her skirt off as it was getting in the way of her movement. Then, she displayed a skillful kick.

In an instant, the two men collapsed to the ground.

Indeed, the eldest daughter of the Hayes family was not someone to be trifled with.

Tyler stomped his feet in wrath when he heard that all the men he sent got beaten up badly.
“What a bunch of trash! How come so many of you couldn’t even handle a woman?”

“But Mr. Jadeson, the woman is not a joke. She’s much fiercer than Ms. Tiffany.”

Those men even used Tiffany as a comparison to talk themselves out of it.

Tyler, who was initially enraged, immediately changed his expression when they mentioned Tiffany. A moment later, his eyes were filled with utter hostility.

Is she that strong? It looks like I got to handle this myself.

That night, Tyler personally drove over to Hilton Hotel.

By that time, Sabrina had just finished taking her shower. Taking a look at the wounds on her body, she decided to make a call to Devin.

Brrr… Brrr…

It rang for a long time but no one answered.

At that moment, her expression turned grim.

But when she was about to hang up, Devin picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Devin! Finally, you answered my call. Check this out. I got attacked today. Someone tried to kidnap me on my way back.
Devin, do you have any idea who that is?”

Sabrina could not suppress her emotion as soon as she heard that familiar voice.

She never had the habit of complaining to another party, but she could not help but tell everything to Devin.

She was often unable to act rationally in front of Devin.

However, Devin did not seem to believe her.

“Attacked? Where have you been today?”

I…” Sabrina choked on her word. “I went to a bar…”


Upon hearing that, Devin got consumed with rage.
What the h’ll is that place? She’s a woman, and she’s from a rich family. How could she go to such a place?

With that, Devin’s impression of Sabrina got worse. He showed no interest in further listening to her. Thus, he hung up the phone abruptly.

“Devin? Devin?”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Sabrina’s chest heaved up and down as she tried to suppress her rage.

Yes, I did go to a bar, but I went to investigate Calvin’s case. I didn’t do anything.
Sabrina was left with utter indignance.

Forget it. I’ll explain to him tomorrow.

With that in mind, she put down her phone and planned to head to bed.

But right at that moment, a red beam went through her window and accurately landed on her body.


Shortly after that, a bullet pierced through the window.

At that instant, Sabrina collapsed to the floor and went unconscious.

By the time Devin received the news, it was already the following morning.

The kidnappers told him that if he wanted to save Sabrina’s life, he would have to release the firearms smuggler he caught not long ago.

“Are these people out of their minds? How dare they threaten you?” The adjutant, Xavier, was enraged upon seeing the threatening letter.
Devin was utterly pissed as well.

Arms trafficking had always been a crime that the country had been trying to solve. Thus, it had been Devin’s primary mission, and he had taken a lot of effort to put the head into custody.

Yet, those criminals threatened him with a woman.
A dark expression loomed over Devin’s face. “Did you investigate the hotel? Do you know who did this?”

“Yes, I did. There was a sign of a gunshot, but Ms. Hayes should be fine as there were not many bloodstains at the scene. I suppose those men merely want to use her as a bargaining chip.”


Devin who had always been calm cursed instantly.
Xavier asked, “Major, what should we do now?” Devin was at a loss for words.

Trying hard to collect himself, he spat out a sentence. “Go on and investigate those people. I’ll go talk to the director.”

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